Minutes for November 12, 2017 (Approved)

Clatsop County: Doug Thompson
Columbia County: Greg Pettit, Lynne Pettit, Bill Blank
Multnomah County: Terri Preeg Riggsby, JJ Jackson, Kathy Jackson
Washington County: Jo 6, Farrah Chaichi, Sandra Jafarzadeh, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Elaine Werner, Steve Bintliff, Steve Hall, Keith Haxton, Will Hobbs, Jeremy Likens, Dan Jensen, Platform Chair Gerritt Rosenthal
Yamhill County: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson, Secretary Liz Marlia-Stein, Guest Pam Vernon

Chair, Dan Jensen, called the meeting to order just after 1pm and noted that delegates, Larry Taylor & Sorah Dubitsky wanted to attend the meeting via Zoom; however, this venue could not accommodate.

Approval of Agenda: There was a question about agenda by Greg Pettit, and it was discussed that it would fall under new business. The agenda was then approved.

Approval of 9/30/2017 Meeting Minutes: An addition was made regarding Clatsop County Chair, Doug Thompson, who attended the meeting virtually. The minutes were then approved.

Unfinished Business:
Meeting minutes are now posted on the CD1 Website for viewing prior to meeting.

Treasury Research Results: Keith reported on the discussion with DPO Director, Brad Martin regarding CD1 forming a PAC to manage our own funds; Brad Martin said that all money needs to go through the DPO. Our options – work with the DPO to raise and spend money–we would just need to fill out a form to do this; or a second option is to be completely unaffiliated, but it seems more complicated to have our own PAC. Jeremy added that we are working on the legality issues regarding a bank account. Decision of Committee – Dan says that he is working with an attorney regarding PACs and entertained a motion that we postpone a decision. It was moved, seconded and approved to postpone the decision for CD1 to form a PAC.

Resolution to Open 2018 Primaries to Non Affiliated Voters (NAV)

Dan commented that we discussed the resolution at the last meeting and we now need to vote. Jo explained that 30% of the voters are NAV and cannot vote in the Primary and the voters are being “taxed without representation;” they need a voice. It was moved and seconded to further discuss this issue. Jo then presented information about a poll of progressive issues that shows there are a lot of NAVs who lean progressive. There was much discussion from those in support and those against. Keith moved to call the question. Approved. The vote to move this resolution forward was 15 Yes, 4 No.

Resolution to Save DACA (Dream Act of 2017) http://mailchi.mp/493f00a9b369/resolution-1st-cd-2017-006?e=[UNIQID]
Motion was made to move this resolution forward to support the Dream Act. Unanimously approved.

Port Westward on Columbia River (Greg Pettit)
Facility proposed to be a “fossil fuel” transfer station. LNG site at this time where natural gas lines were installed to store natural gas to burn for electricity. PGE is in control of the access at this time. County proposed a zone change from agricultural to industrial in order to attract industry development. Rationale for land use change is the unique deep-water port. Fossil fuel is driving this zone change. The commissioners are under great pressure from various corporate interests to support the zone change in order to bring in new jobs. Senator Betsy Johnson and Representative Brad Witt are in support of this change. CD1 should ask the DPO Environmental Caucus to draft a letter to Betsy Johnson and Brad Witt reminding them of our environmental platform and clean energy. Greg will present a follow-up at the next meeting when CD1 can look at a possible resolution.

New Business:
Social Impact Bonds (Doug Thompson) / Oregon Public Education Network Winter Summit
Another effort to privatize public education; funded by Goldman Sachs and Wall Street. Doug shared how the Social Impact Bonds are affecting Clatsop County–targeting the Head Start Program. Mary Thamann & Deb Meier are asking for members to attend the Winter Summit where this issue will be discussed at length. A few members showed interest.

County Reports
Clatsop – gearing up for primary season; a number of races. Support contested races and will grant equal access to voters for all candidates.

Columbia – Port Westward: trying to address the false narrative between jobs and the environment. PCPs sued the Columbia County Democrats for not following bylaws which ultimately drove away some Democrats. New leadership has brought significant change–meetings are run very efficiently with Greg Pettit as the leader; attendance is up; guest speakers have also proven beneficial; there is a better Neighborhood Leader Program; Candidate Committee is looking at future candidates; Outreach & Messaging Committee has a number of projects going including a new brochure to describe the local party, as well as having forums to address the political divide and meet & greets for new members. Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC) is working on bringing in innovative jobs to train students for well-paying technical careers. This may be a model for the country.

Multnomah – held a platform convention. Now addressing another appointed position to replace Rich Devlin, Senate District 19 which is shared with Washington & Clackamas Counties. Rich Devlin was appointed to another post in January; gearing up for another convention process. There are a number of candidates including Gerritt Rosenthal who are seeking appointment. After the convention, the final decision will be made by the three county commissions. Passed a resolution on Jordan Cove; elected a new communications officer.

Washington – Tension continues at the meetings; successful Neuberger event increased funds for the party. Platform Convention, Part 1 went well–great discussion of the issues….will hopefully help ease tensions. Platform Convention, Part 2 in January; new secretary approved by acclamation; Will–SCC alternate; Progressive Caucus is working on bylaws–largest caucus in Washington County; focusing on Measure 101 campaign. Endorsement Committee formed recently–bringing candidates forward to the meeting in November. Roosevelt Fundraiser had Suzanne Bonamici as a guest speaker. There was a joint meeting of the Platform and Rules Committees and conflict arose where some voices were not heard. The Platform Committee will decide on articles this next week.

Yamhill – Bylaw revisions were voted on. Platform Committee is being formed; Chelsea Williams spoke about our justice system and the injustice throughout. Betsy DeVos came to McMinnville–thank you CD1 for your support; it was very successful for the limited notification there was to spread the word.

Standing Committee Reports – none.

DPO Update – SCC 4th Quarter meeting at Floyd Light Middle School; resolutions on DPO agenda are: Open Primaries to NAV, Climate Change, Comprehensive Universal Health Care; possibly DACA. National Popular Vote: Ginny Burdick & Peter Courtney to have a meeting in SW Portland in support of a voters’ initiative. We need to stress that our leaders have an “Up or Down” vote on the NAV; tell them to “DO YOUR JOB!” The Voters’ Pamphlet shows Brad Witt and Betsy Johnson endorsing Dennis Richardson.

Next meeting – Multnomah County Dems Office is a possibility. Kathy and JJ will look into a site for the January meeting. After some discussion, Jeremy moved that we hold our next meeting in January at a site to be determined by Kathy and JJ Jackson and a time determined by Doodle poll. The motion was seconded and passed.

Good of the Order
Bill Bordeaux moved that the CD1 delegation send a letter to the Columbia County Commissioners urging them to vote No on the land-use change. The motion was seconded. Discussion pointed out that this action is a bit premature due to where the process lies. Bill withdrew his motion, and all agreed for Greg to write a letter to Senator Betsy Johnson and Representative Brad Witt regarding their support of the land-use change that favors the fossil fuel industry; a copy of the letter would be directed to the County Commissioners.

Lucinda urged that we begin pursuing progressive civil rights’ attorneys to run for DA positions in the upcoming election. She noted the importance of looking at their records.

Kathy noted that she has two gift certificates to give for “imperfect produce”….this is less-than-perfect produce that is served to your door.

Tara reported on the possible protests organized by MoveOn.org in the event that Trump fires Robert Mueller. She urged the membership to be aware of these protests and to bring signs.

The meeting adjourned just after 4pm.

Minutes for September 30, 2017 Meeting (Approved)

Liz’s Home: McMinnville, Oregon

Clatsop County: Larry Taylor
Multnomah County: Terri Preeg Riggsby, Cindy Smith, Dustin Buehler, JJ Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Bill Harris
Washington County: Jo 6, Sorah Dubitsky, Farrah Chaichi, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Steve Bintliff, Steve Hall, Keith Haxton, Will Hobbs, Jeremy Likens, Jolene Guptill, Lisa Stiller, Dan Jensen, Gerritt Rosenthal, Amelia Manlove
Yamhill County: Bill Bordeaux, Sandy Coates, Tara Patterson, Secretary Liz Marlia-Stein, Guest Pam Vernon

Special Guests: Ellie Zuckerman, Campaign Aide to Suzanne Bonamici and Leigha LaFleur, CD3 Chair

Chair, Dan Jensen, called the meeting to order just after 1pm.

Approval of the Agenda
After moving Lisa Stiller to the front of New Business, the agenda was unanimously approved.

Approval of Minutes
June 10, 2017 Minutes: Unanimously approved.
July 27, 2017 Minutes: Unanimously approved.

Unfinished Business
Dan announced that our meeting minutes will now be posted on our CD1 website for viewing prior to each meeting, noting that we are trying to save trees and reduced our carbon footprint.
Regarding the website, we continue to make positive changes and are hoping to add agendas & resolutions soon.
Treasury – Treasurer Keith Haxton reported that the results of research showed that there is nothing stopping us from forming a PAC (Political Action Committee). We could vote now and begin raising money but will need to establish a bank account first. A PAC makes us a non-profit and allows us to be active in elections; we just need to file the paperwork. It was moved and seconded that we form a PAC. During discussion, questions were raised about filing and functioning….how will we raise money? What will it be used for? Dan explained that we are affiliated with the DPO and they have control of our limited treasury. After much discussion, it was moved to postpone forming a PAC until further research. The motion was amended to form a committee to research the PAC. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Those who volunteered to serve on the committee are: Keith, Dan, Jeremy, Terri, and Tara.

New Business
Congresswoman Bonamici’s staffer, Ellie Zuckerman, introduced herself, stating that she’s been working with Suzanne since last February and is responsible for political communication and Suzanne’s campaign, specifically. She announced that each of the recent townhalls were well attended and addressed some very important issues. Ellie noted that Suzanne continues to work very hard to achieve her goal of representing her constituents in the very best way. She asked the delegation for any ideas that would ensure Suzanne’s re-election and stated that they are preparing for an active campaign session. Ellie promised that she will work hard to make herself accessible.

Lisa Stiller, new chair of the DPO Health Care Caucus spoke about their caucus goals. Single-Payer Health Care and Oregon’s version, the HCAO (Health Care for All Oregon) needs to become a focus on each county’s platform. She commented about the importance of educating the public regarding the Single-Payer/Medicare for All healthcare plan. She also noted the significance of lobbying our legislators and visiting Senator Wyden’s office to urge him to sign on to Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All bill. She is encouraging people to organize small groups to arrange visits to his office, along with letters and emails. Lisa said that we must stand up to the attempts being made by the Trump Administration to destroy the Affordable Care Act and fight back against the Republican healthcare bills that will cause 20-30 million Americans and hundreds of thousands of Oregonians to lose coverage. Lastly, Lisa mentioned that we could sign up to join the Health Care Caucus on the DPO website and go to the HCAO website to sign up for their newsletters.

After Lisa spoke, Tara Patterson alerted everyone that she recently discovered that the Trump Administration shortened the time period for Americans to sign up for the Affordable Care Act this year. Instead of a November 1 – January 31 sign-up period, it is being shortened to just six weeks–November 1 – December 15. Also noted was that the publicity budget was cut 90%, and these were funds that had already been allocated for publicity.

County Reports

Dan first asked for clarification as to when each county party’s CD1 delegates and alternate delegates take office. It was discussed and voted that they take office upon their election and not at a later date.

Clatsop – the county party is experiencing a surge of support and members want to know what they can do to help advance the party platform.

Multnomah – a number of resolutions and reports were presented regarding healthcare; a nominating convention was held to appoint a replacement for House District Rep. Ann Lininger in District 38 who Governor Brown appointed judge on the circuit court in Clackamas County. Andrea Salinas was elected by the Multnomah and Clackamas County Commissioners. The Multnomah County Platform Convention is scheduled for November 4.

Washington – The Communications Committee (Values in Action) did a survey that revealed the top three concerns–healthcare, income inequality and climate change. It was reported that one of the best ways to engage conversation with voters is to ask them their needs. An invitation was extended for other counties to participate in the Platform Convention on November 11. Healthcare, support for the mayor’s climate change proposal, net neutrality and DACA are just some of the issues that provide an opportunity for op-ed pieces. At the upcoming Neuberger fundraiser on November 4, our senators and some congressmen will be attending. The county party has also recently made it easier for PCPs to volunteer by changing our rules. Other counties were encouraged to look at their rules as it is important for PCPs to feel empowered.

Yamhill – A new website has been created with a lot more information and is much easier to navigate. Democrat Danny Jaffer from Polk County is considering a run against Representative Mike Nearman. A Strategic Planning meeting will be held soon to consider some changes in the central committee meeting structure in order to make the meetings more productive. The Yamhill County Democrats voted to donate money to the local Latino group, Unidos, renewing our membership with Health Care for All Oregon, and paying the annual fee to support the “Speaking Frankly: How We Doin’ local TV show.

Columbia County – Port Westward Fossil Fuel Project – Cindy mentioned that she would check with Don Orange, who had addressed the Multnomah County Democrats about the port on the Washington state side of the Columbia River.

There were no Standing Committee Reports.

DPO Update:
Our next State Central Committee Meeting will be at Floyd Light Middle School in Portland on November 18/19.

The Oregon Summit will be held again in Sunriver Resort on October 20-22. Some members asked about the content of the Summit and its importance. Dan directed the delegation to refer to the DPO website for more information.

Resolution to Open 2018 Primary to Non Affiliated Voters (NAV)
Dan mentioned that the resolution was not submitted properly and entertained a motion to support opening up the 2018 Primary to NAVs. It was moved and seconded and then Dan passed the gavel to Vice-Chair Tara Patterson in order to speak on the issue. He gave some statistics as to why this is a good time to have NAVs eligible to vote in our primary. After much discussion regarding the pros and cons, Steve Hall called the question to close debate and vote on the motion; it was seconded. The vote was 10 yes and 7 no but did not pass due to 2/3 majority rule.There was further discussion then regarding education and outreach being vital in carrying out this issue and the challenge that it is difficult to find a volunteer base. Dan noted that the SCC Platform and Resolutions Committee will meet on October 3 via phone conference, and CD1’s support of the resolution could be beneficial in helping move it forward. Sorah then called the question; Lucinda seconded it, and it passed 12-4. The motion to support Opening the 2018 Primary to NAVs passed 11-6.

Resolution to Save DACA
Dan once again mentioned that the resolution was not properly submitted. It was moved and seconded that CD1 go on record to support SB1615 and HR 3440 – “Dream Act of 2017.” It was unanimously approved.

Next CD1 Meeting
It was moved and seconded to hold our next meeting on Sunday, November 12. The motion passed 10-2. Location TBD.

Open Discussion
Larry invited everyone to join the Portland Rose City Chapter–the “hottest group” that studies parliamentary procedure. Next meeting: October 20, 7pm. There will be a November study session to prepare for the January 19 exam.

Jo announced a Net Neutrality Rally on October 16 at Senator Wyden’s Portland office at 5pm. There would be a larger rally in January at the UU church in downtown Portland. She sent around a sign-up sheet for those interested.

Tara commented that anyone who wants to write a resolution should get together with someone who has written one in the past.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Liz Marlia-Stein, Secretary
Congressional District One

Minutes for July 29, 2017 (approved)

Saturday Aug 29, 2017

CD 1 Committee meeting at Coyote’s Grill,  Hillsboro, OR


Meeting called to order by Chair Dan Jensen at 1:09 pm


Attendance: CD 1 Delegates and Alternates acting as Delegates

Columbia: Lynne Pettit, Julie Stenberg; Multnomah: JJ Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Bill Harris; Washington: Jo Six, Sorah Dubitsky, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Jeremy Likens, Steve Hall, Steve Bintliff, Keith Haxton, Jolene Guptill, Dan Jensen, Ian Barrett; Yamhill: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson;

SCC Delegate/Washington:  Amelia Manlove


Approval of Agenda as amended – Moved/Seconded/Passed without opposition


Appoint Kathy Jackson as Temporary Secretary – Moved/Seconded/Passed without opposition


Old Business


Nominations for one Credentials Committee Alternate Amelia Manlove – Elected by acclamation


Nominations for one State Fair Committee Alternate no nominations – postponed to next meeting


Approval of 6/10/2017 minutes postponed to next meeting – Moved/Seconded/Passed without opposition


Website now WordPress: http:cd1.dpo.org/ – minutes, calendar etc


Virtual meeting tool Zoom approved by DPO – will have capability to stream future CD 1 meetings using either phone and online computer access


Treasury: Aug 2011 agreement led to turnover of CD 1 funds to DPO but no records kept by DPO of expenditures –  $413 balance will now be turned over to a new account that will be tracked by DPO in the future.  Zoom will cost $15/month and is the committee’s only current regular expenditure.


National Popular Vote (NPV) Bill in Oregon Legislature:  Ginny Burdick stopped bill in Senate Rules Committee. Peter Courtney has always opposed. There is possible ballot measure to be circulated. Possible resolutions may be considered by county parties. Discussion of pros and cons of NPV was spirited.

Redistricting Commission set up by Republican Secretary of State Dennis Richardson –  push to use redistricting to add safe Republican Congressional seat after 2020 census – Redistricting Commission membership not fair and balanced (heavily Republican) – Richardson plans to use Republican developed  algorithm program and Republican interstate Crosscheck program in redistricting. Discussion of voting methods including ranked choice, proportional representation as well as current first-past-the-post system.


Community Action Committee – concern expressed about lack of response – messaging “A Better Deal”, dicussed need to find better slogan and candidate recriutment – People’s Platform national group – messaging platform – candidate buy-in – platform process “stickers” – campaign – candidate recruitment a priority


County Reports

Columbia – held reorganization meeting in June – new Chair Greg Pettit – County has focused  on candidate recruitment, messaging & outreach, and County Fair – County Commission to rezone farmland to increase export of crude oil, ethanol


Multnomah – Community Outreach committee has been active with focus on neighborhood street fairs, county fair, parades – County is preparing for HD 38 Convention set for August 14 at 7 pm at Multnomah Arts Center to replace Rep. Ann Lininger who is resigning to accept appointment to District Judgeship


Washington – Neuberger fundraiser in November, communications emphasis; County is absorbing influx of new activists – upcoming events:  County Fair; Beaverton Day parade


Yamhill – High priority action will be unseating Rep. Mike Nearman in HD 23 – had booth at Newberg festival, but not at County Fair – voter registration 19K liberal 20K conservative per Tara Patterson


New Business


Complete Bylaws rewrite expected to be ready by November/December meeting.


Bylaws revision proposal  (See below for exact language) – authorizes electronic or telephone meeting capability  –  Moved/Seconded/Passed with 1 “No” vote


The highlighted portion is the new language of the proposed amendments:



  • ARTICLE V MEETINGS, Section 2) b) This Committee may by a simple majority vote appoint the time, date and place of its meetings; likewise, it may permit nonmembers to participate in discussions, but never in a vote. Ten members representing at least three counties in the First Congressional District shall constitute a quorum for regular and special meetings. Meetings may be conducted by telephone or video conference.



  • ARTICLE VI EXECUTIVE BOARD – New: Section 5) Meetings may be conducted by telephone or video conference.


DPO update:  Q3 SCC meeting Aug 5-6

Burns meeting in Harney county – monitoring of Norco Detention Facility


Next CD1 Committee meeting in Yamhill county – September 30 as determined by Doodle Poll


Treasury – CD1 status as PAC separate from DPO needs to be researched


For the Good of the Order


Elizabeth Furse will be at Centro Cultural in Cornelius on Aug 9 (Furse is the former Congresswoman from CD 1)

Minutes for June 10, 2017 (approved)




Minutes for June 10, 2017

Elderberry Inn, Seaside, Oregon



Clatsop County: Nancy Holmes & Larry Taylor

Multnomah County: Dustin Buehler, Bill Harris, Terri Preeg Riggsby & Cynthia Smith

Washington County: Ian Barrett, Steve Bintliff, Will Hobbs, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Sandra Jafarzadeh, Dan Jensen, Jo 6, Sorah Dubitsky, Steve Hall

Yamhill County: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson, Liz Marlia-Stein


Chair, Dan Jensen, called the meeting to order just after 1pm.

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1st CD Minutes for April 30, 2017 – Approved

Kozy Korner Restaurant, St. Helens

In Attendance

Clatsop: Nancy Holmes, Larry Taylor, Dannell Davis & Doug Thompson

Columbia: Donna Nyberg, Jolene Jonas, Patricia Ayerza, Giny Carlson, Bill Blank, Bill Sulser, &

Gary Buknum

Multnomah: Cindy Smith, JJ Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Bill Harris & Terri Preeg Riggsby

Washington: Jo Six, Sorah Dubitsky, Farrah Chaichi, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Shabba Woodley,

Will Hobbs, Jeremy Likens, Steve Hall, Steve Bintliff, Keith Haxton, Elaine Werner, Lisa Stiller,

Jolene Guptill, Dan Jensen, Ian Barrett, Gerritt Rosenthal & Sal Castenada.

Yamhill: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson Sandy Coates, Stephanie Findley & Liz Marlia-Stein


Chair, Dan Jensen, called the meeting to order at 1:05pm.

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