Minutes for September 29, 2018 (Approved)

CD 1 Committee Meeting
Venue: Coyote’s Bar and Grill Banquet Room, 5301 W Baseline, Hillsboro, OR 97123

Clatsop – Bryan Kidder and Debbie Booth-Schmidt
Columbia – Donna Nyberg attended virtually via Zoom
Multnomah – Cindy Smith, Kathy Jackson, and JJ Jackson
Washington – Heather Mull, Jo Six, Farrah Chaichi, Elaine Werner, Lisa Stiller, Judith Wightman, Will Hobbs, Jeremy Likens, Steve Hall, Dan Jensen, Ian Barrett, and Alex Clemens
Yamhill – Tara Patterson

Meeting called to order by Chair Dan Jensen at 1:09 pm.

Approval of Agenda: Unanimously approved.
Approval of Minutes of 7/29/2018 meeting as amended: Approved unanimously.
Announcement: Cash donations to CD 1 Committee at July 29, 2018 meeting totaled $110.00 (can be used to pay cost of Zoom)

Unfinished Business:

Congresswoman Bonamici Medicare for All Letter/Meeting – Aug 22 – difficulty in communicating and convincing Bonamici to support Medicare for All – for Single Payer but not Medicare for All – co-sponsor of some healthcare bills – concern expressed about the level of Congresswoman Bonamici’s support for Medicare for All and/or Single-Payer. Update: Congresswoman Bonamici is co-sponsor of HR 676 Medicare for All Act, HR 2392, the Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety & Quality Care Act (she holds a leadership position on the Nursing Caucus), and HR 6097, the State-Based Universal Health Care Act.
Other bills supported by Rep. Bonamici: Co-sponsor of HR 5609, the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability (WATER) Act; cosponsor of HR 2306, the Putting Main Street FIRST Act, introduced by Rep. Peter DeFazio.
Motion by Jeremy Likens: I move that between now and 2019, this Committee evaluate Rep. Bonamici’s actions and leadership regarding healthcare legislation; and if this Committee is not satisfied, it will seek out a primary opponent to Rep. Bonamici.
Motion Passed.
Follow up as unfinished business at next meeting.

Kory Korner update: Possible confusion with other businesses of similar name.

New Business:

Nominating Committee Appointments: Cindy Smith, Jeremy Likens, Donna Nyberg

Standing Committee Reports
Rules update will be ready at next meeting; Amendment may be needed to fix problem with date of Org. meeting needing to be held before Multnomah does biennial Org. meeting in January. Fix to be proposed at next meeting. Committee Org. meeting needs to take place between Multnomah Org. and DPO Org meeting.

County Reports:

Clatsop: Nominating committee appointed to recruit slate of officers for org. meeting. Not endorsing Dem in county commission race. Supporting Betsy Johnson and Brad Witt as registered Democrats running for office.

Columbia: Ron Morgan from DPO did NL training for 40-45 attendees; $1,000 spent for advertising to support Dem candidates and to oppose certain ballot measures.

Multnomah: Mobilizing for massive slate card drop before elections. Coordinated Campaign for Kate Brown operating out of office located at Lloyd Center. Recent CC program featured group Don’t Shoot PDX and resolution was passed,against police violence. Supporting 3 local ballot measure for Clean Energy, Honest Elections, and Affordable Housing.

Washington: Used consent calendar to pass rules changes. Concern about use of facial recognition software in county. County party officially joined Healthcare for All Oregon. Oct . 13 Neuberger dinner will feature Kate Brown. County org meeting set for Nov. 17.

Yamhill:Supporting asylum seekers at Federal prison in Sheridan: only 10 of 100 detainees left at site. Planning to drop slate cards and spend money to support Dem candidates.

DPO Update:
SCC voted to oppose all statewide ballot measures 103, 104, 105, 106 and support 102 Affordable Housing. Revision coming to gender categories to allow for non-binary option.

Topic of Reparations for Native Americans postponed till next meeting.

Moved, Seconded and Passed unanimously to use Doodle Poll to determine the date of the next meeting. Multnomah to host at their office located at 3551 NE Sandy, Portland.

For the Good of the Order:
Republican Secretary of State has proposed a number of questionable changes to Oregon’s election laws including the following “legislative concepts”:
Changing the date of the Primary from May to March;
Changing the rules for tallying write-in votes – which could negatively impact write-ins for Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs);
Allowing minor parties to participate in primary elections;
Allowing NAVs to participate in partisan primaries.
These proposals (and many, many more!!) are detailed in a separate document. Please take a moment to read over his ideas and respond.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Jackson (Temporary Secretary)