Minutes for November 12, 2017 (Approved)

Clatsop County: Doug Thompson
Columbia County: Greg Pettit, Lynne Pettit, Bill Blank
Multnomah County: Terri Preeg Riggsby, JJ Jackson, Kathy Jackson
Washington County: Jo 6, Farrah Chaichi, Sandra Jafarzadeh, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Elaine Werner, Steve Bintliff, Steve Hall, Keith Haxton, Will Hobbs, Jeremy Likens, Dan Jensen, Platform Chair Gerritt Rosenthal
Yamhill County: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson, Secretary Liz Marlia-Stein, Guest Pam Vernon

Chair, Dan Jensen, called the meeting to order just after 1pm and noted that delegates, Larry Taylor & Sorah Dubitsky wanted to attend the meeting via Zoom; however, this venue could not accommodate.

Approval of Agenda: There was a question about agenda by Greg Pettit, and it was discussed that it would fall under new business. The agenda was then approved.

Approval of 9/30/2017 Meeting Minutes: An addition was made regarding Clatsop County Chair, Doug Thompson, who attended the meeting virtually. The minutes were then approved.

Unfinished Business:
Meeting minutes are now posted on the CD1 Website for viewing prior to meeting.

Treasury Research Results: Keith reported on the discussion with DPO Director, Brad Martin regarding CD1 forming a PAC to manage our own funds; Brad Martin said that all money needs to go through the DPO. Our options – work with the DPO to raise and spend money–we would just need to fill out a form to do this; or a second option is to be completely unaffiliated, but it seems more complicated to have our own PAC. Jeremy added that we are working on the legality issues regarding a bank account. Decision of Committee – Dan says that he is working with an attorney regarding PACs and entertained a motion that we postpone a decision. It was moved, seconded and approved to postpone the decision for CD1 to form a PAC.

Resolution to Open 2018 Primaries to Non Affiliated Voters (NAV)

Dan commented that we discussed the resolution at the last meeting and we now need to vote. Jo explained that 30% of the voters are NAV and cannot vote in the Primary and the voters are being “taxed without representation;” they need a voice. It was moved and seconded to further discuss this issue. Jo then presented information about a poll of progressive issues that shows there are a lot of NAVs who lean progressive. There was much discussion from those in support and those against. Keith moved to call the question. Approved. The vote to move this resolution forward was 15 Yes, 4 No.

Resolution to Save DACA (Dream Act of 2017) http://mailchi.mp/493f00a9b369/resolution-1st-cd-2017-006?e=[UNIQID]
Motion was made to move this resolution forward to support the Dream Act. Unanimously approved.

Port Westward on Columbia River (Greg Pettit)
Facility proposed to be a “fossil fuel” transfer station. LNG site at this time where natural gas lines were installed to store natural gas to burn for electricity. PGE is in control of the access at this time. County proposed a zone change from agricultural to industrial in order to attract industry development. Rationale for land use change is the unique deep-water port. Fossil fuel is driving this zone change. The commissioners are under great pressure from various corporate interests to support the zone change in order to bring in new jobs. Senator Betsy Johnson and Representative Brad Witt are in support of this change. CD1 should ask the DPO Environmental Caucus to draft a letter to Betsy Johnson and Brad Witt reminding them of our environmental platform and clean energy. Greg will present a follow-up at the next meeting when CD1 can look at a possible resolution.

New Business:
Social Impact Bonds (Doug Thompson) / Oregon Public Education Network Winter Summit
Another effort to privatize public education; funded by Goldman Sachs and Wall Street. Doug shared how the Social Impact Bonds are affecting Clatsop County–targeting the Head Start Program. Mary Thamann & Deb Meier are asking for members to attend the Winter Summit where this issue will be discussed at length. A few members showed interest.

County Reports
Clatsop – gearing up for primary season; a number of races. Support contested races and will grant equal access to voters for all candidates.

Columbia – Port Westward: trying to address the false narrative between jobs and the environment. PCPs sued the Columbia County Democrats for not following bylaws which ultimately drove away some Democrats. New leadership has brought significant change–meetings are run very efficiently with Greg Pettit as the leader; attendance is up; guest speakers have also proven beneficial; there is a better Neighborhood Leader Program; Candidate Committee is looking at future candidates; Outreach & Messaging Committee has a number of projects going including a new brochure to describe the local party, as well as having forums to address the political divide and meet & greets for new members. Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC) is working on bringing in innovative jobs to train students for well-paying technical careers. This may be a model for the country.

Multnomah – held a platform convention. Now addressing another appointed position to replace Rich Devlin, Senate District 19 which is shared with Washington & Clackamas Counties. Rich Devlin was appointed to another post in January; gearing up for another convention process. There are a number of candidates including Gerritt Rosenthal who are seeking appointment. After the convention, the final decision will be made by the three county commissions. Passed a resolution on Jordan Cove; elected a new communications officer.

Washington – Tension continues at the meetings; successful Neuberger event increased funds for the party. Platform Convention, Part 1 went well–great discussion of the issues….will hopefully help ease tensions. Platform Convention, Part 2 in January; new secretary approved by acclamation; Will–SCC alternate; Progressive Caucus is working on bylaws–largest caucus in Washington County; focusing on Measure 101 campaign. Endorsement Committee formed recently–bringing candidates forward to the meeting in November. Roosevelt Fundraiser had Suzanne Bonamici as a guest speaker. There was a joint meeting of the Platform and Rules Committees and conflict arose where some voices were not heard. The Platform Committee will decide on articles this next week.

Yamhill – Bylaw revisions were voted on. Platform Committee is being formed; Chelsea Williams spoke about our justice system and the injustice throughout. Betsy DeVos came to McMinnville–thank you CD1 for your support; it was very successful for the limited notification there was to spread the word.

Standing Committee Reports – none.

DPO Update – SCC 4th Quarter meeting at Floyd Light Middle School; resolutions on DPO agenda are: Open Primaries to NAV, Climate Change, Comprehensive Universal Health Care; possibly DACA. National Popular Vote: Ginny Burdick & Peter Courtney to have a meeting in SW Portland in support of a voters’ initiative. We need to stress that our leaders have an “Up or Down” vote on the NAV; tell them to “DO YOUR JOB!” The Voters’ Pamphlet shows Brad Witt and Betsy Johnson endorsing Dennis Richardson.

Next meeting – Multnomah County Dems Office is a possibility. Kathy and JJ will look into a site for the January meeting. After some discussion, Jeremy moved that we hold our next meeting in January at a site to be determined by Kathy and JJ Jackson and a time determined by Doodle poll. The motion was seconded and passed.

Good of the Order
Bill Bordeaux moved that the CD1 delegation send a letter to the Columbia County Commissioners urging them to vote No on the land-use change. The motion was seconded. Discussion pointed out that this action is a bit premature due to where the process lies. Bill withdrew his motion, and all agreed for Greg to write a letter to Senator Betsy Johnson and Representative Brad Witt regarding their support of the land-use change that favors the fossil fuel industry; a copy of the letter would be directed to the County Commissioners.

Lucinda urged that we begin pursuing progressive civil rights’ attorneys to run for DA positions in the upcoming election. She noted the importance of looking at their records.

Kathy noted that she has two gift certificates to give for “imperfect produce”….this is less-than-perfect produce that is served to your door.

Tara reported on the possible protests organized by MoveOn.org in the event that Trump fires Robert Mueller. She urged the membership to be aware of these protests and to bring signs.

The meeting adjourned just after 4pm.