Minutes for May 19, 2018 (Approved)

Venue: The Elderberry Inn, 44601 US-26, Seaside, OR 97138

Clatsop County: Nancy Holmes, Doug Thompson
Columbia County:Delegates: Greg Petit, Lynne Petit, Donna Nyberg; Alternate Julie Stenberg
Multnomah County: Alternates seated as Delegates: JJ Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Bill Harris
Washington County: Delegates: Jo Six, Sorah Dubitsky, Farrah Chaichi,Sandra Jafarzadeh, Shabba Woodley, Jeremy Likens, Steve Hall, Keith Haxton; Dan Jensen (Chair); Alternates: Elaine Werner, Errine Todd
Yamhill County: No representation
Standing Committee & Guests: Gerritt Rosenthal (Platform & Resolutions), Amelia Manlove (Credentials), Chrissy Erguiza (Vice Chair, DPO Local Events & State Fair Committee), Contact: chrissyerguiza@gmail.com

Chair Dan Jensen called the meeting to order at 1:14 pm

Approval of Agenda: Unanimously approved.

Approval of 3/24/2018 Minutes: Corrected to remove Jeremy Likens’ name from Ad Hoc Fundraising Committee and then approved unanimously.

Unfinished Business:

Remarks by Chrissy Erguiza, Vice Chair, DPO Local Events and State Fair Committee:
State Fair is coming up in Salem; Volunteers needed to staff booth. Our DPO booth is the longest-running vendor booth at State Fair and we want to keep up the tradition. CD-1 Day will be Saturday August 25. Shifts are 9:45 am-2 pm; 1:45-6:30 pm.; 6:15-11 pm. 4 volunteers plus 2 alternates are needed each shift. DPO pays for volunteer’s ticket and volunteer pays for their own parking. Chrissy is coordinator/contact person for CD-1. Contact info: chrissyerguiza@gmail.com; 541-513-8955.

Credentials: Julie Stenberg elected as Alternate by acclamation.
Local Events & State Fair; three Alternate positions unfilled due to lack of candidates. Postponed.

New Business:

Treasurer/Fundraising Update:
Keith reported that the CD-1 Budget was approved by the DPO Admin.; need to develop fundraising plan that will need joint approval (both DPO and CD-1); Fundraising plan is needed to provide funds for budget that was passed at March 24, 2018 CD-1 meeting; Motion was made, seconded and passed directing Ad Hoc Fundraising Committee to come up with a plan by next meeting.

County Reports:

Clatsop: Big contest was HD 32 race to replace retiring Rep. Debbie Boone – Winner was Tiffini Mitchell (young DHS employee backed by SEIU and OLCV) over John Orr (30-year criminal defense lawyer) and Tim Josi (longtime Tillamook county Commissioner & former state rep.). Josi was distant third despite out-fundraising the others. Also 2 county commissioner races were lost, very discouraging. But Pam Wev is in runoff.

Columbia: Working hard to bring Democrats together within county; reaching out to Sen. Betsy Johnson and Rep Brad Witt to open lines of communication; small net increase in number of PCPs; setting rules for FaceBook site and plan to elect FaceBook administrator at next meeting. Betsy Johnson and Brad .Witt were unopposed in the Primary. County Commissioner pos. #2 is runoff between 2 R’s vs. 2 D’s. Nothing to report on Port Westward: can view proposals re methane at sightline.org site.

Multnomah: Record number of PCP filings to be on ballot plus lots of write-ins. Kate Brown got 89.74 per cent in Dem primary; Val Hoyle got 73.51 per cent in Multnomah in non-partisan Labor Commissioner race. Children’s Levy passed 81 per cent Yes/19 per cent No. In SD 24 former State Rep Shemia Fagan trounced incumbent conservative Dem Rod Monroe. Susheela Jayapal won her County Commissioner race. For City Auditor there is a runoff between Scott Learned and Jennifer McGuirk. And finally, Portland will have an African American woman on City Council after a November runoff between JoAnn Hardesty (former State Rep, NAACP Chair) vs Loretta Smith (former Ron Wyden staffer, current County Commissioner. It truly is the Year of the Woman in Multnomah.

Washington: Progress is being made in resolving internal party conflicts between different factions. The Primary had low turnout. It was a sad day in Washington County: 7 of 12 endorsed candidates lost; 1 0f them is in runoff. Incumbent County Commissioner Greg Malinosky lost. In the District Attorney race the candidate for criminal justice reform lost.

Standing Committee Reports, Attendance and DPO Update:

Platform and Resolutions: Gerritt Rosenthal reported that there are three upcoming resolutions to be aware of. One is regarding assassin drones; another would require officials to read and respond to party platform. The third is from the LGBTQ Caucus about students being required to read the Bible.

Rules and Credentials:: Nothing to report.

Attendance at DPO Standing Committees: Lisa Stiller removed from Platform and Resolutions Committee for non-attendance.

DPO Update: Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) being proposed for DPO elections

Moved, Seconded and Passed unanimously to use Doodle Poll to determine date of the next meeting.

Good of the Order
Gerritt Rosenthal mentioned upcoming Special Legislative Session designed to give sole proprietors the same tax breaks as other pass-thru business entities. Also DEQ has found groundwater pesticide contamination above drinking water standards in wells around the state. Especially impacting rural counties. Rep. Ken Helm is taking the lead on this issue in the legislature..

Meeting was adjourned at 4:05 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Jackson (Temporary Secretary)