Minutes for June 10, 2017 (approved)




Minutes for June 10, 2017

Elderberry Inn, Seaside, Oregon



Clatsop County: Nancy Holmes & Larry Taylor

Multnomah County: Dustin Buehler, Bill Harris, Terri Preeg Riggsby & Cynthia Smith

Washington County: Ian Barrett, Steve Bintliff, Will Hobbs, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Sandra Jafarzadeh, Dan Jensen, Jo 6, Sorah Dubitsky, Steve Hall

Yamhill County: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson, Liz Marlia-Stein


Chair, Dan Jensen, called the meeting to order just after 1pm.

Approval of the Agenda

It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of our April 30 meeting were approved with a comment afterwards from Lucinda that concerned her question regarding our CD1 bank account and our need to divest from banks that support special interests. Liz noted that she would clarify Lucinda’s point in the April 30 minutes.


Old Business

  • Website Update: Dan is working with Landru Parker, digital director at DPO. Hopefully this month, we will be transferring from Drupal to WordPress. The plan is to make it a working site with an operable calendar. An address will automatically be included on the agenda, emails; and other written correspondence. Delegates, alternates and standing committees can be easily updated and information be kept current. There was a suggestion to have a link on our website to Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici for easy accessibility.
  • Bylaws Update: Cindy Smith reported that the Rules Committee will be meeting at the SCC meeting in Burns on June  25. They will look at the DPO bylaws to ensure consistency. Aug. 21 will be the last day to make changes to  the DPO bylaws.
  • Discussion about Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson: Dan reported that there has been no new news since April, just a change in committee members; no maps have been drawn; the “independent” commission plans to send a referendum to the voters. Sorah suggested that we establish a research committee.. Tara volunteered to investigate this issue. Sorah agreed to help. Liz suggested that the commission should be “in the hands” of independent sources such as geographers, sociologists, etc. similar to California.
  • Lucinda suggested that we continue to explore divestment; possibly create a resolution. Dan asked if she would be willing to research possibilities of other banking sources that do not support fossil fuel companies, such as community credit unions? A motion was made, seconded and approved that CD1 request DPO to look into more socially responsible financial institutions.


New Business


  • County Reports


ClatsopNancy Holmes reported the election results, winning 4 of 7 contested races–both Port of Astoria races; 1 of 3 School Board races; the 1 Health District race; but did not prevail in the College Board race. The overall turnout was 35%; Democrats 47%; Republicans 41%; approximately 9,000 of 25,000 registered voters (up from 21,000–the number registered before Motor Voter was initiated. According to DPO’s Ron Morgan, Clatsop joined Douglas, Josephine and Lincoln Counties for the highest percentage of voter turnout, possibly due to local ballot measures and Clatsop’s Port of Astoria races.


Multnomah – Regarding election results–the Portland Public School bond passed; Valdez Bravo, who ran for the Portland Community College Board of Directors, and Rita Moore, candidate for Portland Public Schools Board of Directors, both won their races. The annual Celsi fundraiser/dinner made a bit more money than last year with a greater attendance–it was a packed event. PCPs are expanding greatly. There are concerns about conflicts between conservatives and progressives within the party. An evaluation would be helpful as to why Democrats lost in the 2016 election and how to move forward with a united front for the 2018 election. Visiting other county meetings is important. The young people involved want to see our values in action.

Washington – Steve Hall reported that the Spring Fest was very successful; larger turnout than expected. More Democrats won in the Hillsboro School Board races. Everyone that the Democrats supported were elected. The Neighborhood Leader Program helped with the greater turnout. Endorsement of Candidates Slate Card is an important tool for voters. PCPs are encouraged to attend WashCo Dems 101. There is a new project underway of videotaping neighborhood and district leaders and posting the interviews on the website–questions such as, why they are serving, what they do, their best practices, etc. Other events taking place with the WashCo Dems can be found on their website, as well. They are looking to get more involvement through Values in Action–a community outreach program.

Yamhill – Tara relayed that not a lot has happened. There are a few more PCPs but participation level is down. At the last general meeting, there was a presentation by some folks from Benton County regarding the Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO) plan. This spring’s special election turnout was pretty much the same as previous years–low participation; conservative control.

    • CD1 Meeting with Representative Bonamici: Tara described the May 5th meeting as positive, lasting about an hour. The Congresswoman listened intently to our concerns. Topics covered were health care, the federal budget, immigration, and education. She feels that the Federal Government should not be in the business of student loans; she supports the Single-Payer Health Care plan; and she reported that the Republicans are divided but when voting, they follow party line. When asked about the 2018 election, she stated that there is a probability of Oregon having a 6th Congressional District.  We will continue to invite her or a staffer to come to our meetings. It was also brought up that we should encourage staff of our Senators to attend, as well.
    • DPO Update: The treasurer’s vote was postponed to June 12. Candidate, Eddie Morales, is a professional fundraiser. Dan suggested that resistance is a good thing, but we need an action plan for Democrats to win elections and get a more positive view of Democrats in the eye of general public. It was recommended that CD1 bring action items to the DPO. A motion was made to create a committee to look at actions moving forward. The motion was seconded and approved. Volunteers for this committee are: Nancy Holmes, Steve Bintliff, Sandra Jafarzadeh, Bill Harris, and Sorah Dubitsky.
    • CD1 Treasury: We currently do not have a fund. Records show that the $413 we had in our treasury was turned over to the DPO as a donation in August 2011. It was moved, seconded and passed that we ask DPO to research the status of CD1 funds.
    • Zoom: This virtual meeting tool provides a number of benefits that could be a real asset when we need to make a decision on a moment’s notice. The audio is high quality, voting can take place and be recorded, a list of attendees can also be logged. The tool costs $14.99/month or $149.90year. After an amendment, it was moved, seconded and passed to ask DPO to provide CD1 with this Zoom Conference tool.
    • CD2 Support: There was discussion about CD1 helping to promote the Democratic candidates running against Greg Walden in the 2018 election cycle. Dan reported that the following have filed for the Democratic Primary: Jim Crary, Michael Byrne, Julian Bell, Rachael Scdoris-Salerno and possibly Chris VanDyke. So far, Jim Crary & Julian Bell have commented that they will only take personal donations. Dan suggested that a Candidates’ Forum may have DPO support and wanted to invite these candidates to come to CD1. Vice-Chair, Valdez Bravo, believes that he can get the DPO behind a Candidates’ Forum in Multnomah County and says that the candidates will be attending the SCC meeting in Burns on June 25. Members suggested that Dan check with CD2 for approval of CD1 to conduct a Candidates’ Forum. All were in favor.


  • New Resolutions—
  • Net Neutrality: No resolution has been submitted, but Dan mentioned that there was to be a National Day of Action on July 12 and encouraged members to get involved and bring awareness to this issue.
  • Jail Oversight: Dan noted that the Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Facility (NORCOR) is housing immigration detainees. He would like to see a resolution that addresses the violation and brings it to the attention of our governor and legislators.


    • Written statement from candidate for Oregon House District 32: Dan read a statement from Annie Naranjo-Rivera who is currently attending The People’s Summit in Chicago. She has decided to run for State Representative to fill a seat in HD32 should Deborah Boone choose not to run. Will Hobbs also stated that he is interested.


  • Open Discussion
    • Multnomah County Dems extended an invitation to be part of a discussion led by a peace activist from Kenya. There is an effort to reach out to various groups to discuss the man-handing by police.
    • Jo 6 passed around a petition in support of HB 2387–the Single-Payer Health plan. She will see that our state legislators receive a copy of the petition. A new documentary, “Big Pharma–Market Failure” is now available. Go to fixithealthcare.com to learn more about the movie.
    • Tara announced that among many climate-change scientists, gloom has set in and they can’t really talk about it. She noted a link for more information on this topic: http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a36228/ballad-of-the-sad-climatologists-0815/
    • Steve Bintliff commented that Washington County joined “March for Truth” in Portland, and about 400 people came to the march.
    • Bill Bordeaux reported that the bill regarding the National Popular Vote was now before the Senate but was stalled in the Rules Committee. Bill made a motion to have Liz, our CD1 Secretary contact Rules Chair, Ginny Burdick and Senate President, Peter Courtney to request that the bill be brought to the floor for a vote. The motion was amended to ensure that it was a “clean bill” with no referral to the voters. The motion was seconded and passed.
    • Regarding our recent special election, Bill noted the importance of the Democratic Party keeping accurate records of those who vote in special elections so we are not always duplicating our efforts and instead, we can simply review and target these voters the next time. Steve Hall commented that Vote Builder will help with this effort.
    • Sorah mentioned that she had recently read an article about the need for the Democratic Party to resurrect religious values, citing that we are a “big tent party” yet are so splintered. It was noted that healthcare is a moral issue we can all support.



  • Next CD1 Meeting: Saturday, July 29, Coyote’s Bar & Grill in Beaverton


The meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Liz Marlia-Stein, Secretary