Minutes for July 29, 2018 (Approved)

Venue: Liz’s Home: McMinnville, Oregon

Clatsop County: Larry Taylor, Bryan Kidder, Debbie Booth-Schmidt
Columbia County: Greg Pettit, Lynne Pettit
Multnomah County: Terri Preeg Riggsby, Todd Ermine, Cindy Smith (virtual), JJ Jackson (virtual), Kathy Jackson (virtual)
Washington County: Jo 6, Farrah Chaichi, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Judith Whitman, Alex Clemens, Steve Hall, Keith Haxton, Will Hobbs, Jeremy Likens, Dan Jensen, Gerritt Rosenthal
Yamhill County: Tara Patterson, Secretary Liz Marlia-Stein

Guests: Heather Mull & Bill Gallup

The meeting was called to order just after 1pm by Chair, Dan Jensen.

Approval of Agenda – After adding the topic of CD1 participation at the State Fair under New Business, the agenda was approved.

Approval of 5/19/2018 Meeting Minutes – it was moved, seconded and unanimously approved.

Unfinished Business:

Committee Elections:.
Credentials – Heather Mull won by acclamation.
Local Events & State Fair Nominations – there were no nominations.

New Business:

Ad-Hoc Fund-Raising Committee Report – Keith, chair of the committee, reported that no other delegates came forward to serve on the committee. Dan said that he had a conversation with Brad Martin of the DPO and was told that our CD1 could not do a joint fundraiser with other organizations in or outside of the party and that we will have to raise funds on our own. Dan provided envelopes from the DPO to “pass the hat” to raise funds at this time. The only expenditure reported concerned our Zoom account, which costs us approximately $15/month. Keith also mentioned that the DPO will cover expenses for our meeting rooms but needs 60 days notice for approval.

Standing Committee Reports
Platform Committee will meet at the next SCC meeting on Sunday, August 12th at 8am in Eugene. Issues posted: actions on ballot measures; super delegates; assassin drones; PAYGO – Nancy Pelosi’s idea if the Democrats regain the House.

Rules Committee has met but results are inconclusive; more to come in the future.

County Reports
Clatsop – Astoria’s parade will take place on August 11th; there has been further growth in PCPs.

Columbia – A fair amount of drama has presented a challenge within the county party lately involving an aggrieved PCP suing the party. It was made clear that the PCP should raise the issue at the next CC meeting. Yet, reactive posts have been made on the Columbia County Democrats’ Facebook page. Facebook rules and warnings were issued and a number of resolutions were passed at the CC meeting, one to close down the Facebook page and another was a grievance against bullying. As for some good news, there are six new PCPs and attendance at meetings has picked up.

Lucinda brought up a concern and made a motion to no longer hold future meetings in Columbia County at Kozy Korner Kitchen because of its KKK activity. After some questions were raised about this accusation, Keith moved to postpone the motion until we look into it. His motion was seconded and approved.

Multnomah – At the July 19th Central Committee meeting, there were 63 PCPs present. The bylaws were updated, and an invitation was extended for CD1 delegates to attend a Social Media Training on July 30th at the Multnomah County Democrats’ office from 7-9:30pm. Regarding Street Fairs, Multnomah Days will be held on the 18th of August.

Washington – The Central Committee meetings have been moved to the Hillsboro Library. Regarding contention within the party, a mediator was brought in for resolution. There will be a Progressive Caucus gathering on August 18th at which the Instant “Run-Off Voting” process will be tested by voting for the best potluck side dish. A District Convention convened to select a House candidate to run against Republican Representative Richard Vial. Courtney Neron, a Wilsonville Democrat won the nomination; Sarah Grider, District 13, won the Senate nomination to challenge Kim Thatcher.

Yamhill – At the last meeting, the YCD voted to donate $100 to Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s campaign in CD-2. A great slate of candidates was announced–Danny Jaffer is challenging Representative Mike Nearman in HD 23; Ken Moore, HD 24, will now run against Ron Noble as Ken won the Democratic nomination by a write-in campaign after Noble solicited Democratic support since there was no Democrat on the ballot. Sarah Grider, running against Kim Thatcher for Senate District 13, is replacing Paul Diller who resigned right after the election. Dave McCall is challenging Bill Post in the HD 25 seat and Casey Kulla is running for County Commissioner against Republican Incumbent, Stan Primozich. In other business, the Sheridan Federal Prison is retaining a number of asylum seekers and several vigils have been organized in protest; YCD has been participating. Because of these protests and publicity, positive action has resulted, and a number of inmates are now receiving representation. The YC Democrats are also participating in most of the county’s local fairs and festivals throughout the summer.

DPO Update
Dan reported that the next State Central Committee meeting will be held on August 11/12 at the Lane Community College Campus in Eugene.

RONR Presentation
Jeremy Likens, Rules Chair, presented an overview of different types of motions. He distributed a Motions Chart to explain each of them and fielded questions throughout the presentation.

Next Meeting
It was moved and seconded to have a Doodle Poll to determine a date and place. As this is an election year, Gerritt proposed that we extend a special invitation to Suzanne Bonamici to attend our next meeting.

Other New Business:

CD1 will be helping at our State Democratic booth at the State Fair in Salem on Saturday, August 25. Open time slots are: 1:45 – 6:30pm (2 slots) 6:15 – 11pm (2 slots). Contact Terri if you are interested in helping.

Our national Medicare-for-All movement now has 74 Democratic Congressmen and women who have signed on, but it was noted that our own Congresswoman, Suzanne Bonamici, is not one of the 74. Jo 6 contacted her staff regarding this and the staff responded positively, stating that Suzanne has indicated her support; yet she uses the language, “access to healthcare for everyone. It was moved and seconded to send a letter to Suzanne asking her to champion our Medicare-for-All movement and let her know that “access to health care” is not acceptable. There was a discussion that followed regarding the terminology, Medicare for All vs. Universal Health Care. Keith finally called the question which was seconded and approved. All delegates were in favor of drafting the letter to Suzanne and specifying that she support the existing bill as written by Senator Bernie Sanders, which states that every American has a right to health care. The Executive team, along with Jo’s help, will draft the letter.

Good of the Order:
Regarding the measures on the State ballot, it was proposed that we review and discuss them at our next meeting.
There will be a resolution concerning “Super Delegates” that will be brought up at the DPO meeting in August. Support for this is important.
The topic, “Reparations for Native Americans” will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

It was moved, seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting at 3:35pm.