Minutes for July 29, 2017 (approved)

Saturday Aug 29, 2017

CD 1 Committee meeting at Coyote’s Grill,  Hillsboro, OR


Meeting called to order by Chair Dan Jensen at 1:09 pm


Attendance: CD 1 Delegates and Alternates acting as Delegates

Columbia: Lynne Pettit, Julie Stenberg; Multnomah: JJ Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Bill Harris; Washington: Jo Six, Sorah Dubitsky, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Jeremy Likens, Steve Hall, Steve Bintliff, Keith Haxton, Jolene Guptill, Dan Jensen, Ian Barrett; Yamhill: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson;

SCC Delegate/Washington:  Amelia Manlove


Approval of Agenda as amended – Moved/Seconded/Passed without opposition


Appoint Kathy Jackson as Temporary Secretary – Moved/Seconded/Passed without opposition


Old Business


Nominations for one Credentials Committee Alternate Amelia Manlove – Elected by acclamation


Nominations for one State Fair Committee Alternate no nominations – postponed to next meeting


Approval of 6/10/2017 minutes postponed to next meeting – Moved/Seconded/Passed without opposition


Website now WordPress: http:cd1.dpo.org/ – minutes, calendar etc


Virtual meeting tool Zoom approved by DPO – will have capability to stream future CD 1 meetings using either phone and online computer access


Treasury: Aug 2011 agreement led to turnover of CD 1 funds to DPO but no records kept by DPO of expenditures –  $413 balance will now be turned over to a new account that will be tracked by DPO in the future.  Zoom will cost $15/month and is the committee’s only current regular expenditure.


National Popular Vote (NPV) Bill in Oregon Legislature:  Ginny Burdick stopped bill in Senate Rules Committee. Peter Courtney has always opposed. There is possible ballot measure to be circulated. Possible resolutions may be considered by county parties. Discussion of pros and cons of NPV was spirited.

Redistricting Commission set up by Republican Secretary of State Dennis Richardson –  push to use redistricting to add safe Republican Congressional seat after 2020 census – Redistricting Commission membership not fair and balanced (heavily Republican) – Richardson plans to use Republican developed  algorithm program and Republican interstate Crosscheck program in redistricting. Discussion of voting methods including ranked choice, proportional representation as well as current first-past-the-post system.


Community Action Committee – concern expressed about lack of response – messaging “A Better Deal”, dicussed need to find better slogan and candidate recriutment – People’s Platform national group – messaging platform – candidate buy-in – platform process “stickers” – campaign – candidate recruitment a priority


County Reports

Columbia – held reorganization meeting in June – new Chair Greg Pettit – County has focused  on candidate recruitment, messaging & outreach, and County Fair – County Commission to rezone farmland to increase export of crude oil, ethanol


Multnomah – Community Outreach committee has been active with focus on neighborhood street fairs, county fair, parades – County is preparing for HD 38 Convention set for August 14 at 7 pm at Multnomah Arts Center to replace Rep. Ann Lininger who is resigning to accept appointment to District Judgeship


Washington – Neuberger fundraiser in November, communications emphasis; County is absorbing influx of new activists – upcoming events:  County Fair; Beaverton Day parade


Yamhill – High priority action will be unseating Rep. Mike Nearman in HD 23 – had booth at Newberg festival, but not at County Fair – voter registration 19K liberal 20K conservative per Tara Patterson


New Business


Complete Bylaws rewrite expected to be ready by November/December meeting.


Bylaws revision proposal  (See below for exact language) – authorizes electronic or telephone meeting capability  –  Moved/Seconded/Passed with 1 “No” vote


The highlighted portion is the new language of the proposed amendments:



  • ARTICLE V MEETINGS, Section 2) b) This Committee may by a simple majority vote appoint the time, date and place of its meetings; likewise, it may permit nonmembers to participate in discussions, but never in a vote. Ten members representing at least three counties in the First Congressional District shall constitute a quorum for regular and special meetings. Meetings may be conducted by telephone or video conference.



  • ARTICLE VI EXECUTIVE BOARD – New: Section 5) Meetings may be conducted by telephone or video conference.


DPO update:  Q3 SCC meeting Aug 5-6

Burns meeting in Harney county – monitoring of Norco Detention Facility


Next CD1 Committee meeting in Yamhill county – September 30 as determined by Doodle Poll


Treasury – CD1 status as PAC separate from DPO needs to be researched


For the Good of the Order


Elizabeth Furse will be at Centro Cultural in Cornelius on Aug 9 (Furse is the former Congresswoman from CD 1)