Minutes for January 20, 2018 (Approved)

Clatsop County: Doug Thompson, Larry Taylor (virtually)
Columbia County: Greg Pettit, Bill Blank, Donna Nyberg
Multnomah County: Cindy Smith, Kathy Jackson, JJ Jackson, Bill Harris (alternate), Lurelle Robbins (SCC Delegate, guest)
Washington County: Dan Jensen, Jo Six, Will Hobbs, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Ian Barrett, Jeremy Likens, Keith Haxton, Farrah Chaichi, Jolene Guptill, Shabba Woodley, Steve Hall, Gerritt Rosenthal (State Platform)
Yamhill County: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson, Liz Marlia-Stein (Secretary)

Chair, Dan Jensen, called the meeting to order just after 1pm and announced that Representative Suzanne Bonamici could not be with us due to the importance of her presence in Washington D.C. because of the Government Shutdown.

Approval of Agenda: After noting that Gerritt’s DPO Update regarding the State Platform Convention may need to be moved up on the agenda, it was approved.

Approval of 11/12/2017 Meeting Minutes: The minutes were also approved after noting the misspellings of Gerritt’s and Chelsey Williams’ names. Dan also announced that, in an effort to save trees, our CD1 minutes may be reviewed on our website. http://cd1.dpo.org/minutes/

Unfinished Business:

Treasurer’s Report – Keith passed out a proposed 2018 budget for all to view stating that he was being modest with his projections. He reported that the DPO noted we had paid for five months of ZOOM but will not charge us for the last two months, thus reimbursing us $30. Keith also mentioned that after we pass our budget, the DPO will have to approve it, and we will then negotiate a financial agreement with them. Keith fielded questions regarding venue space, meeting expenses, fundraising, donations, etc. There was concern as to the $413 that the DPO has been holding for CD1 for the past six years.

Update on Port Westward: Greg Pettit gave an overview from our November meeting, mentioning that there was no further development at this time. He reiterated that the county is proposing a zone change from agricultural to industrial to allow for industry development. The fossil fuel industry is looking for economically depressed areas where there will be the least resistance. Greg also mentioned again that Senator Johnson and Representative Witt are in favor of the zone change which counters our DPO environmental platform but see it as a job development opportunity. A letter will still be drafted to remind them of our platform. Greg assured us that he will bring further updates to our next meeting.

New Business:

Parliamentary Procedure Basics – Jeremy Likens, our Rules Chair, gave a powerpoint presentation on the parliamentary process regarding main motions at a meeting. The intent was to give the membership a better understanding of the process in an effort to have more effective meetings. Jeremy fielded questions from the membership throughout the presentation.

DPO Update – The Platform Convention will be held on March 16-18 at North Salem High School. A short SCC meeting would be held on Saturday. Drafts for the platform may be submitted to the DPO Platform Committee for their meeting on February 21st. There are 120 planks in 11 articles. The proposed platform will be finalized on February 24. Contact Chair Tim Rowan with questions.

Attendance of Committee members and Standing Committee members: Dan read the county delegates who had missed three or more consecutive meetings and are automatically removed pending county approval. County chairs will be notified about the importance of delegate attendance. It was also pointed out that county guidelines may be different than CD1’s, and we may need to rewrite our bylaws so they are not in conflict with county bylaws.

County Reports
Clatsop – Three of the five County Commissioner seats are up; no one has filed yet, but two Democrats have announced their intent. Debra Boone’s HD 32 seat is open due to her retirement, and Tim Josie of Tillamook is the only candidate who has filed for this position. In order to win, the candidate must carry Clatsop County. Regarding Ballot Measure 101, the ballot count so far for Clatsop County is at 28%. “Yes on 101” campaign presence in Clatsop County has been very, very low.

Columbia – Messaging & Outreach Subcommittee reported a lack of diversity in the county’s Democratic Party (mostly white and older members). The committee has drafted a letter to send to minority-owned businesses to inform them of who we are. Any ideas for effective messaging are welcome. Regarding County Commissioner elections, there is one position open and one Democrat may be running for this position.

Multnomah – Regarding Measure 101, there have been over 20,000 flyers passed out, but there is still concern for it passing. We are developing Candidate Forums for House District 38 and Senate District 19 at this time. As far as the Censi Celebration Fundraiser on March 10th, we hope to have Maxine Waters as the keynote speaker, and all are invited. The county party is in the process of revising their bylaws and hope to vote on these in March. We are also looking at local messaging/branding of the Democratic Party so people see us in a different light than the DNC. Senate District 24 has two Democratic challengers–one representing the immigrant community and the other representing the feminist community.

Washington – Our first county platform is being developed and there are bylaw changes in the works. At the next meeting there will be an election of delegates and alternates to fill a few positions. Some changes in leadership include new committee chairs – Dan will be the new Rules Chair, and there is a new Community Outreach chair and Communications chair. Specific to Beaverton, there has been increased activism with regards to Black Lives Matter and anti-homelessness. There is still lots of tension between progressives and establishment….the county chair is being recalled for breaking bylaws. Rebranding is also going on. A “Black Lives Matter” resolution is being brought to the City Council. Beaverton is also considering an ordinance to ban car camping and public comment is still being accepted. There is a need for a homeless shelter as Beaverton has the highest rate of homeless students in the state. Washington’s County Platform Convention will be held on January 27th and everyone is welcome to attend.

Yamhill – encompasses several house districts; HD 23 is currently held by an ultra-conservative, Mike Nearman, but we have a Democratic challenger, Danny Jaffers, who will be running against him. A more moderate Republican holds the seat in HD 24, and no one is running against him so far. Two County Commissioner seats are up, and we have one person running so far who appears to be a very strong candidate. So far for the Measure 101 race, there have been 29% Democratic votes cast; 28% Republicans, and 11% Non-Affiliated. Regarding the local party, we have the Platform & Resolutions Committee going, and Liz was voted as Chair. We also held a Measure 101 Information Session at our Community Center, and we will have a PCP filing day for all those interested in becoming elected PCPs. There will also be a Candidates’ Forum this Monday night for anyone interest in running for office now or in the future, and our only county Democratic Representative, David Gomberg, will be present.

Standing Committee Reports – none.

Next meeting – will be held in Columbia County. Regarding a date, it was moved and seconded to hold the meeting on the 10th of March. After some discussion, there was a “call for question,” but this failed. Further discussion then led to a proposal of a doodle poll in order for members to have time to look at their calendars. The motion to have the meeting on March 10th failed, and it was then moved and seconded to hold a doodle poll but to extend the poll to include April. This motion passed.

Good of the Order
Remember to fill out Form SEL 105 to run for an elected PCP position.

Oregon Innocence Project to hold a meeting this Thursday, January 25th at 6pm, Lincoln Hall, PSU.
One of the first black prosecutors will speak about the importance of good prosecutors. Tickets are still

Regarding the importance of supporting unions and collective bargaining, Washington County has a
position open with two candidates running; one is pro-union and the other is a union buster.

The Federal Supreme Court will hear a case regarding labor laws requiring non-union members of public employee unions to pay dues.

Val Hoyle will be running for Labor Commissioner to replace Brad Avakian, who is retiring.

Some areas of Puerto Rico are still without electricity and have little to no cell phone service or regular ferry service. Also, some areas of California have suffered tremendously from losses due to fires, as well as flooding emergencies in Florida and Louisiana. All of these areas are in need of emergency funds; yet, the current Republican budget will be cutting the funding for emergency relief.

CD1 voted to revise our bylaws a year ago, yet nothing has been done. It was moved and seconded to have our Rules Committee bring bylaw revisions to an upcoming meeting. Motion passed.

It was requested to have Congresswoman Bonamici or a staffer come to our meetings in the future. Two staffers responded to the letter of request that we submitted.

Congressman Blumenhauer (CD3) was asked to support a large teach-in on the new tax laws. It was
moved and seconded to have Congresswoman Bonamici and CD1 work with CD3 to put together a
teach-in regarding the tax debacle in the future. The motion passed.

A Federal Ocean Energy Management meeting will be held in Salem on Tuesday, February 6th from
3-7pm at the Red Lion to protect our coastline from drilling. Congresswoman Bonamici hopes for a
large turnout. Spread the word.

Regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ new rulings on cannabis, Suzanne Bonamici is in support of
“States Rights” to protect Oregon’s cannabis dispensaries.

The meeting adjourned at 4:20.