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Minutes for September 29, 2018 (Approved)

CD 1 Committee Meeting
Venue: Coyote’s Bar and Grill Banquet Room, 5301 W Baseline, Hillsboro, OR 97123

Clatsop – Bryan Kidder and Debbie Booth-Schmidt
Columbia – Donna Nyberg attended virtually via Zoom
Multnomah – Cindy Smith, Kathy Jackson, and JJ Jackson
Washington – Heather Mull, Jo Six, Farrah Chaichi, Elaine Werner, Lisa Stiller, Judith Wightman, Will Hobbs, Jeremy Likens, Steve Hall, Dan Jensen, Ian Barrett, and Alex Clemens
Yamhill – Tara Patterson

Meeting called to order by Chair Dan Jensen at 1:09 pm.

Approval of Agenda: Unanimously approved.
Approval of Minutes of 7/29/2018 meeting as amended: Approved unanimously.
Announcement: Cash donations to CD 1 Committee at July 29, 2018 meeting totaled $110.00 (can be used to pay cost of Zoom)

Unfinished Business:

Congresswoman Bonamici Medicare for All Letter/Meeting – Aug 22 – difficulty in communicating and convincing Bonamici to support Medicare for All – for Single Payer but not Medicare for All – co-sponsor of some healthcare bills – concern expressed about the level of Congresswoman Bonamici’s support for Medicare for All and/or Single-Payer. Update: Congresswoman Bonamici is co-sponsor of HR 676 Medicare for All Act, HR 2392, the Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety & Quality Care Act (she holds a leadership position on the Nursing Caucus), and HR 6097, the State-Based Universal Health Care Act.
Other bills supported by Rep. Bonamici: Co-sponsor of HR 5609, the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability (WATER) Act; cosponsor of HR 2306, the Putting Main Street FIRST Act, introduced by Rep. Peter DeFazio.
Motion by Jeremy Likens: I move that between now and 2019, this Committee evaluate Rep. Bonamici’s actions and leadership regarding healthcare legislation; and if this Committee is not satisfied, it will seek out a primary opponent to Rep. Bonamici.
Motion Passed.
Follow up as unfinished business at next meeting.

Kory Korner update: Possible confusion with other businesses of similar name.

New Business:

Nominating Committee Appointments: Cindy Smith, Jeremy Likens, Donna Nyberg

Standing Committee Reports
Rules update will be ready at next meeting; Amendment may be needed to fix problem with date of Org. meeting needing to be held before Multnomah does biennial Org. meeting in January. Fix to be proposed at next meeting. Committee Org. meeting needs to take place between Multnomah Org. and DPO Org meeting.

County Reports:

Clatsop: Nominating committee appointed to recruit slate of officers for org. meeting. Not endorsing Dem in county commission race. Supporting Betsy Johnson and Brad Witt as registered Democrats running for office.

Columbia: Ron Morgan from DPO did NL training for 40-45 attendees; $1,000 spent for advertising to support Dem candidates and to oppose certain ballot measures.

Multnomah: Mobilizing for massive slate card drop before elections. Coordinated Campaign for Kate Brown operating out of office located at Lloyd Center. Recent CC program featured group Don’t Shoot PDX and resolution was passed,against police violence. Supporting 3 local ballot measure for Clean Energy, Honest Elections, and Affordable Housing.

Washington: Used consent calendar to pass rules changes. Concern about use of facial recognition software in county. County party officially joined Healthcare for All Oregon. Oct . 13 Neuberger dinner will feature Kate Brown. County org meeting set for Nov. 17.

Yamhill:Supporting asylum seekers at Federal prison in Sheridan: only 10 of 100 detainees left at site. Planning to drop slate cards and spend money to support Dem candidates.

DPO Update:
SCC voted to oppose all statewide ballot measures 103, 104, 105, 106 and support 102 Affordable Housing. Revision coming to gender categories to allow for non-binary option.

Topic of Reparations for Native Americans postponed till next meeting.

Moved, Seconded and Passed unanimously to use Doodle Poll to determine the date of the next meeting. Multnomah to host at their office located at 3551 NE Sandy, Portland.

For the Good of the Order:
Republican Secretary of State has proposed a number of questionable changes to Oregon’s election laws including the following “legislative concepts”:
Changing the date of the Primary from May to March;
Changing the rules for tallying write-in votes – which could negatively impact write-ins for Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs);
Allowing minor parties to participate in primary elections;
Allowing NAVs to participate in partisan primaries.
These proposals (and many, many more!!) are detailed in a separate document. Please take a moment to read over his ideas and respond.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Jackson (Temporary Secretary)

Minutes for July 29, 2018 (Approved)

Venue: Liz’s Home: McMinnville, Oregon

Clatsop County: Larry Taylor, Bryan Kidder, Debbie Booth-Schmidt
Columbia County: Greg Pettit, Lynne Pettit
Multnomah County: Terri Preeg Riggsby, Todd Ermine, Cindy Smith (virtual), JJ Jackson (virtual), Kathy Jackson (virtual)
Washington County: Jo 6, Farrah Chaichi, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Judith Whitman, Alex Clemens, Steve Hall, Keith Haxton, Will Hobbs, Jeremy Likens, Dan Jensen, Gerritt Rosenthal
Yamhill County: Tara Patterson, Secretary Liz Marlia-Stein

Guests: Heather Mull & Bill Gallup

The meeting was called to order just after 1pm by Chair, Dan Jensen.

Approval of Agenda – After adding the topic of CD1 participation at the State Fair under New Business, the agenda was approved.

Approval of 5/19/2018 Meeting Minutes – it was moved, seconded and unanimously approved.

Unfinished Business:

Committee Elections:.
Credentials – Heather Mull won by acclamation.
Local Events & State Fair Nominations – there were no nominations.

New Business:

Ad-Hoc Fund-Raising Committee Report – Keith, chair of the committee, reported that no other delegates came forward to serve on the committee. Dan said that he had a conversation with Brad Martin of the DPO and was told that our CD1 could not do a joint fundraiser with other organizations in or outside of the party and that we will have to raise funds on our own. Dan provided envelopes from the DPO to “pass the hat” to raise funds at this time. The only expenditure reported concerned our Zoom account, which costs us approximately $15/month. Keith also mentioned that the DPO will cover expenses for our meeting rooms but needs 60 days notice for approval.

Standing Committee Reports
Platform Committee will meet at the next SCC meeting on Sunday, August 12th at 8am in Eugene. Issues posted: actions on ballot measures; super delegates; assassin drones; PAYGO – Nancy Pelosi’s idea if the Democrats regain the House.

Rules Committee has met but results are inconclusive; more to come in the future.

County Reports
Clatsop – Astoria’s parade will take place on August 11th; there has been further growth in PCPs.

Columbia – A fair amount of drama has presented a challenge within the county party lately involving an aggrieved PCP suing the party. It was made clear that the PCP should raise the issue at the next CC meeting. Yet, reactive posts have been made on the Columbia County Democrats’ Facebook page. Facebook rules and warnings were issued and a number of resolutions were passed at the CC meeting, one to close down the Facebook page and another was a grievance against bullying. As for some good news, there are six new PCPs and attendance at meetings has picked up.

Lucinda brought up a concern and made a motion to no longer hold future meetings in Columbia County at Kozy Korner Kitchen because of its KKK activity. After some questions were raised about this accusation, Keith moved to postpone the motion until we look into it. His motion was seconded and approved.

Multnomah – At the July 19th Central Committee meeting, there were 63 PCPs present. The bylaws were updated, and an invitation was extended for CD1 delegates to attend a Social Media Training on July 30th at the Multnomah County Democrats’ office from 7-9:30pm. Regarding Street Fairs, Multnomah Days will be held on the 18th of August.

Washington – The Central Committee meetings have been moved to the Hillsboro Library. Regarding contention within the party, a mediator was brought in for resolution. There will be a Progressive Caucus gathering on August 18th at which the Instant “Run-Off Voting” process will be tested by voting for the best potluck side dish. A District Convention convened to select a House candidate to run against Republican Representative Richard Vial. Courtney Neron, a Wilsonville Democrat won the nomination; Sarah Grider, District 13, won the Senate nomination to challenge Kim Thatcher.

Yamhill – At the last meeting, the YCD voted to donate $100 to Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s campaign in CD-2. A great slate of candidates was announced–Danny Jaffer is challenging Representative Mike Nearman in HD 23; Ken Moore, HD 24, will now run against Ron Noble as Ken won the Democratic nomination by a write-in campaign after Noble solicited Democratic support since there was no Democrat on the ballot. Sarah Grider, running against Kim Thatcher for Senate District 13, is replacing Paul Diller who resigned right after the election. Dave McCall is challenging Bill Post in the HD 25 seat and Casey Kulla is running for County Commissioner against Republican Incumbent, Stan Primozich. In other business, the Sheridan Federal Prison is retaining a number of asylum seekers and several vigils have been organized in protest; YCD has been participating. Because of these protests and publicity, positive action has resulted, and a number of inmates are now receiving representation. The YC Democrats are also participating in most of the county’s local fairs and festivals throughout the summer.

DPO Update
Dan reported that the next State Central Committee meeting will be held on August 11/12 at the Lane Community College Campus in Eugene.

RONR Presentation
Jeremy Likens, Rules Chair, presented an overview of different types of motions. He distributed a Motions Chart to explain each of them and fielded questions throughout the presentation.

Next Meeting
It was moved and seconded to have a Doodle Poll to determine a date and place. As this is an election year, Gerritt proposed that we extend a special invitation to Suzanne Bonamici to attend our next meeting.

Other New Business:

CD1 will be helping at our State Democratic booth at the State Fair in Salem on Saturday, August 25. Open time slots are: 1:45 – 6:30pm (2 slots) 6:15 – 11pm (2 slots). Contact Terri if you are interested in helping.

Our national Medicare-for-All movement now has 74 Democratic Congressmen and women who have signed on, but it was noted that our own Congresswoman, Suzanne Bonamici, is not one of the 74. Jo 6 contacted her staff regarding this and the staff responded positively, stating that Suzanne has indicated her support; yet she uses the language, “access to healthcare for everyone. It was moved and seconded to send a letter to Suzanne asking her to champion our Medicare-for-All movement and let her know that “access to health care” is not acceptable. There was a discussion that followed regarding the terminology, Medicare for All vs. Universal Health Care. Keith finally called the question which was seconded and approved. All delegates were in favor of drafting the letter to Suzanne and specifying that she support the existing bill as written by Senator Bernie Sanders, which states that every American has a right to health care. The Executive team, along with Jo’s help, will draft the letter.

Good of the Order:
Regarding the measures on the State ballot, it was proposed that we review and discuss them at our next meeting.
There will be a resolution concerning “Super Delegates” that will be brought up at the DPO meeting in August. Support for this is important.
The topic, “Reparations for Native Americans” will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

It was moved, seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting at 3:35pm.

Minutes for May 19, 2018 (Approved)

Venue: The Elderberry Inn, 44601 US-26, Seaside, OR 97138

Clatsop County: Nancy Holmes, Doug Thompson
Columbia County:Delegates: Greg Petit, Lynne Petit, Donna Nyberg; Alternate Julie Stenberg
Multnomah County: Alternates seated as Delegates: JJ Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Bill Harris
Washington County: Delegates: Jo Six, Sorah Dubitsky, Farrah Chaichi,Sandra Jafarzadeh, Shabba Woodley, Jeremy Likens, Steve Hall, Keith Haxton; Dan Jensen (Chair); Alternates: Elaine Werner, Errine Todd
Yamhill County: No representation
Standing Committee & Guests: Gerritt Rosenthal (Platform & Resolutions), Amelia Manlove (Credentials), Chrissy Erguiza (Vice Chair, DPO Local Events & State Fair Committee), Contact:

Chair Dan Jensen called the meeting to order at 1:14 pm

Approval of Agenda: Unanimously approved.

Approval of 3/24/2018 Minutes: Corrected to remove Jeremy Likens’ name from Ad Hoc Fundraising Committee and then approved unanimously.

Unfinished Business:

Remarks by Chrissy Erguiza, Vice Chair, DPO Local Events and State Fair Committee:
State Fair is coming up in Salem; Volunteers needed to staff booth. Our DPO booth is the longest-running vendor booth at State Fair and we want to keep up the tradition. CD-1 Day will be Saturday August 25. Shifts are 9:45 am-2 pm; 1:45-6:30 pm.; 6:15-11 pm. 4 volunteers plus 2 alternates are needed each shift. DPO pays for volunteer’s ticket and volunteer pays for their own parking. Chrissy is coordinator/contact person for CD-1. Contact info:; 541-513-8955.

Credentials: Julie Stenberg elected as Alternate by acclamation.
Local Events & State Fair; three Alternate positions unfilled due to lack of candidates. Postponed.

New Business:

Treasurer/Fundraising Update:
Keith reported that the CD-1 Budget was approved by the DPO Admin.; need to develop fundraising plan that will need joint approval (both DPO and CD-1); Fundraising plan is needed to provide funds for budget that was passed at March 24, 2018 CD-1 meeting; Motion was made, seconded and passed directing Ad Hoc Fundraising Committee to come up with a plan by next meeting.

County Reports:

Clatsop: Big contest was HD 32 race to replace retiring Rep. Debbie Boone – Winner was Tiffini Mitchell (young DHS employee backed by SEIU and OLCV) over John Orr (30-year criminal defense lawyer) and Tim Josi (longtime Tillamook county Commissioner & former state rep.). Josi was distant third despite out-fundraising the others. Also 2 county commissioner races were lost, very discouraging. But Pam Wev is in runoff.

Columbia: Working hard to bring Democrats together within county; reaching out to Sen. Betsy Johnson and Rep Brad Witt to open lines of communication; small net increase in number of PCPs; setting rules for FaceBook site and plan to elect FaceBook administrator at next meeting. Betsy Johnson and Brad .Witt were unopposed in the Primary. County Commissioner pos. #2 is runoff between 2 R’s vs. 2 D’s. Nothing to report on Port Westward: can view proposals re methane at site.

Multnomah: Record number of PCP filings to be on ballot plus lots of write-ins. Kate Brown got 89.74 per cent in Dem primary; Val Hoyle got 73.51 per cent in Multnomah in non-partisan Labor Commissioner race. Children’s Levy passed 81 per cent Yes/19 per cent No. In SD 24 former State Rep Shemia Fagan trounced incumbent conservative Dem Rod Monroe. Susheela Jayapal won her County Commissioner race. For City Auditor there is a runoff between Scott Learned and Jennifer McGuirk. And finally, Portland will have an African American woman on City Council after a November runoff between JoAnn Hardesty (former State Rep, NAACP Chair) vs Loretta Smith (former Ron Wyden staffer, current County Commissioner. It truly is the Year of the Woman in Multnomah.

Washington: Progress is being made in resolving internal party conflicts between different factions. The Primary had low turnout. It was a sad day in Washington County: 7 of 12 endorsed candidates lost; 1 0f them is in runoff. Incumbent County Commissioner Greg Malinosky lost. In the District Attorney race the candidate for criminal justice reform lost.

Standing Committee Reports, Attendance and DPO Update:

Platform and Resolutions: Gerritt Rosenthal reported that there are three upcoming resolutions to be aware of. One is regarding assassin drones; another would require officials to read and respond to party platform. The third is from the LGBTQ Caucus about students being required to read the Bible.

Rules and Credentials:: Nothing to report.

Attendance at DPO Standing Committees: Lisa Stiller removed from Platform and Resolutions Committee for non-attendance.

DPO Update: Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) being proposed for DPO elections

Moved, Seconded and Passed unanimously to use Doodle Poll to determine date of the next meeting.

Good of the Order
Gerritt Rosenthal mentioned upcoming Special Legislative Session designed to give sole proprietors the same tax breaks as other pass-thru business entities. Also DEQ has found groundwater pesticide contamination above drinking water standards in wells around the state. Especially impacting rural counties. Rep. Ken Helm is taking the lead on this issue in the legislature..

Meeting was adjourned at 4:05 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Jackson (Temporary Secretary)

Minutes for March 24, 2018 (Approved)

Venue: The Warren Country Inn

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici and her aide, Ellie Zuckerman
Clatsop County: No representation.
Columbia County: Greg Pettit, Lynne Pettit, Donna Nyberg, Julie Stenberg (alternate) and Robert Sulser (guest)
Multnomah County: Cindy Smith and (alternates) Kathy Jackson & JJ Jackson
Washington County: Dan Jensen (Chair & alternate), Jo Six, Sandra Jafarzadeh, Farrah Chaichi, Sorah Dubitsky (virtually), Jolene Guptill (alternate), Will Hobbs, Jeremy Likens, Keith Haxton, Steve Hall, Steve Bintliff, Gerritt Rosenthal (SCC Delegate, State Platform Committee), Judith Wightman & Amelia Manlove (guests), and Dana Carstensen (candidate for Metro, position 4).
Yamhill County: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson, Liz Marlia-Stein (Secretary).

Chair, Dan Jensen called the meeting to order at 2:08 p.m.

Approval of Agenda: Unanimously approved.

Introduction of Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici: Suzanne apologized for not making the last meeting due to the government shutdown. She reported that she spoke with a number of the Stoneman Douglas students in Florida who witnessed the trauma from the latest mass shooting, commenting how bold they are and really know where they’re going. The Congresswoman mentioned that she has been in the House for six years now; the first five went smoothly but this last year not so much. She stated that the various committees on which she serves, especially the Education Workforce Committee, are not going well and that there is so much we can be doing right now to strengthen public education. Suzanne stated that the Science & Technology Committee is constantly playing defense, and regarding gun violence prevention, we have so much to work on but cannot get anywhere. She is hopeful that this improves next November when Democrats become the majority and said that we have phenomenal candidates running. She reported that there are less than 20% in the House who are women and that we need more women in order to have better conversation around the table. Equal pay for women is just one issue; Infrastructure is important, but there always seems to be distractions that keep us from making real progress. National Security is a concern right now with John Bolton as the new National Security Advisor. We are having to spend so much time on the defensive. Reporting that there are many town halls still coming up, she accentuated that we can’t take anything for granted in the upcoming elections. We have too much at stake.

Suzanne then fielded questions from the floor. Regarding student debt, she stated that Secretary of Education DeVos wants to privatize all the student loans. The Congresswoman said that she has co-sponsored a bipartisan bill that helps students, such as, loan repayments being more income driven and increasing pell grants and work study jobs. This will be a priority of hers if we win a majority. Concerning committees on which she would like to serve, Suzanne stated that besides her work on the Education Committee, she would be pleased to serve on the Judiciary Committee.. Regarding affordable housing and homelessness, Suzanne noted that we desperately need more affordable housing. Other questions: Immigration–it is heartbreaking that we haven’t voted on comprehensive immigration reform or protection for “Dreamers.” A question was asked of the Congresswoman regarding House Bill 4712 that protects “born alive abortion survivors” and why she voted “No.”. Suzanne replied that she would have to look at the bill again, but there was a very good reason for her “no” vote, possibly regarding the protection of abortion providers. In regards to K-12 funding, Suzanne noted that ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) has done a lot to provide more funding for grants to schools for more art,, career, & technology programs, and creating more equal opportunities for all students. As far as labor rights being under attack in the courts, Donna Nyberg announced that there will be a Labor Unity Party hosted by the DPO Labor Caucus on the 7th of April at the IBEW site near the airport. Suzanne also addressed the need to focus on renewable energy technologies and noted the crisis in Puerto Rico. When a member asked, “What can we do for you?” Suzanne emphasized that we really need all supporters to come out to vote and to keep her posted on events she should attend.

Approval of 1/20/2018 Meeting Minutes: After noting that Lurelle Robbins was in attendance as the Multnomah County Chair and an SCC delegate, the minutes were unanimously approved.

Election of two Alternates to Local Events & State Fair Standing Committee: It was moved and seconded to postpone the nominations of these alternates to the next meeting when we elect a Credentials alternate, as well. The vote was unanimous.

Unfinished Business
Meeting minutes now posted on website for viewing prior to meeting.

Treasurer/Fundraiser Update: Keith noted that we approved a tentative budget at the January meeting and Brad Martin, DPO Executive Director had some suggestions for minor changes–eliminate in-kind contributions; change location costs to other expenses; 30-day notification for all expenditures and 60-day notice for fundraising. After questions to Keith about the 30 and 60-day notice, it was moved, seconded and approved to adopt the amended budget. Regarding fundraisers, it was suggested that we put together a committee to explore some ideas. Jeremy moved to create an Ad Hoc Fundraising Committee; it was seconded and approved. Keith, Garritt, & Julie will serve on the committee and they will appoint their own chair.

New Business

Dana Carstensen, Candidate for Metro District 4 gave an overview of what Metro does; it deals with two-million people and encompasses part of Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties other than urban growth boundaries. It is the only regional planning agency voted by the public. Dana has worked for Metro and helped bring workers’ benefits. He has used his education and experience to serve Metro and explained all the issues he wants to work toward–affordable housing, transportation, and waste management, to name a few. Dana has a proposal for waste that is environmentally friendly. He believes that good planning starts from the bottom up and favors community involvement. When asked a question regarding transportation, Dana explained the importance of electrical vehicles and wants to create a funding source to promote a change to all electric. He commented that he is a huge proponent of bus rapid transit.

Parliamentary Procedure Basics: Jeremy Likens, Rules Chair, announced that the venue is not conducive for a visual presentation, so he instead distributed handouts. Jolene then announced that she had equipment in her car. It was therefore moved, seconded and approved to table the discussion until after the equipment was set up. When the presentation reconvened, Jeremy noted that today’s topic concerned amendments to motions, and he gave the membership a thorough overview of the amendment process and details of amendments. Jeremy fielded a number of questions which helped the membership better understand the process. A copy of the slides used in the presentation is available.

County Reports
Clatsop – no representative.

Columbia – not a great deal going on at this time. There will be a meeting with Senator Betsy Johnson & Representative Brad Witt concerning gun issues, which should be interesting. Greg also gave a shout out for a successful Platform Convention. He mentioned that the county approved the re-zoning of Port Westward but it is now being appealed through LUBA. Yet Greg accentuated that regardless of how people feel about the re-zoning, his #1 priority is to unify the party to come together to vote for Democrats in the upcoming election.

Multnomah – regarding the most recent Central Committee Meeting, the revision of bylaws and auditor candidates took up a good amount of time. The Celsi Dinner, with Congressman Earl Blumenhauer as keynote speaker, was well attended.

Washington – the party is incredibly busy…platform, budget, bylaws, endorsements, etc. The platform process gave us our first Washington County Platform. We are striving to appeal to the non-affiliated voters while trying to deal with the in-fighting that continues. Progress is being made, however, as there are 530 Democrats who are running for Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs), up from 120.

Yamhill – Thirty-eight Democrats have filed for PCP positions thus far, and we are getting the word out to voters that it takes only three people to write in their name to become an elected PCP. At our Central Committee meetings, the Pledge of Allegiance is no longer recited out of respect for athletes protesting for Black Lives Matter. Regarding Democratic candidates running for state offices, Danny Jaffer has filed for District 23–Republican Mike Nearman’s position, but we have no candidate running against Republican Representative Ron Noble. Candidates running against Senator Kim Thatcher are Sarah Grider and Paul Diller.

Standing Committee Reports: Steve Bintliff, Credentials Chair, mentioned that he is moving to Multnomah County and will no longer be in CD1. Dan thanked Steve for his hard work and mentioned that we will be electing a new chair.

DPO Update – Dan asked for comments regarding this year’s Platform Convention:
Amendments could have been handled better
Rules and procedures should be addressed before the convention
Major decisions were made in a hurried manner and at the tail-end of some of the sessions
Why have a time limit to collect signatures for new LAIs?
Why shut down debate on amendments?
Gerritt, Delegation Chair to the Platform Committee commented that he has made two suggestions to the committee–a survey monkey poll should be sent out prior to the convention to identify planks that are of highest concern, and the Platform Committee should convene forums or workgroups to discuss controversial issues, such as, rank-choice voting, National Popular Vote, etc. He will let us know what the committee decides.
Valdez wants our feedback on the convention. Send comments to
Jeremy also noted that suggestions could come to him.

Next Meeting A motion was made to have the meeting on Sunday, May 20th, which was amended to Saturday, the 19th; the motion was seconded and approved. Liz commented that she will be in Alaska on this date and asked Kathy Jackson to take minutes. Kathy agreed. A site will be determined.

Good of the Order – Tara mentioned that MoveOn members will be protesting if Trump fires Mueller and we need to keep our eyes open for when and where they will take place. Also, it was noted that PCP positions are non-competitive with the help of the Elections Office allowing PCPs to be placed in neighboring precincts.

A motion to adjourn was seconded and passed at 5:08pm.

Minutes for January 20, 2018 (Approved)

Clatsop County: Doug Thompson, Larry Taylor (virtually)
Columbia County: Greg Pettit, Bill Blank, Donna Nyberg
Multnomah County: Cindy Smith, Kathy Jackson, JJ Jackson, Bill Harris (alternate), Lurelle Robbins (SCC Delegate, guest)
Washington County: Dan Jensen, Jo Six, Will Hobbs, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Ian Barrett, Jeremy Likens, Keith Haxton, Farrah Chaichi, Jolene Guptill, Shabba Woodley, Steve Hall, Gerritt Rosenthal (State Platform)
Yamhill County: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson, Liz Marlia-Stein (Secretary)

Chair, Dan Jensen, called the meeting to order just after 1pm and announced that Representative Suzanne Bonamici could not be with us due to the importance of her presence in Washington D.C. because of the Government Shutdown.

Approval of Agenda: After noting that Gerritt’s DPO Update regarding the State Platform Convention may need to be moved up on the agenda, it was approved.

Approval of 11/12/2017 Meeting Minutes: The minutes were also approved after noting the misspellings of Gerritt’s and Chelsey Williams’ names. Dan also announced that, in an effort to save trees, our CD1 minutes may be reviewed on our website.

Unfinished Business:

Treasurer’s Report – Keith passed out a proposed 2018 budget for all to view stating that he was being modest with his projections. He reported that the DPO noted we had paid for five months of ZOOM but will not charge us for the last two months, thus reimbursing us $30. Keith also mentioned that after we pass our budget, the DPO will have to approve it, and we will then negotiate a financial agreement with them. Keith fielded questions regarding venue space, meeting expenses, fundraising, donations, etc. There was concern as to the $413 that the DPO has been holding for CD1 for the past six years.

Update on Port Westward: Greg Pettit gave an overview from our November meeting, mentioning that there was no further development at this time. He reiterated that the county is proposing a zone change from agricultural to industrial to allow for industry development. The fossil fuel industry is looking for economically depressed areas where there will be the least resistance. Greg also mentioned again that Senator Johnson and Representative Witt are in favor of the zone change which counters our DPO environmental platform but see it as a job development opportunity. A letter will still be drafted to remind them of our platform. Greg assured us that he will bring further updates to our next meeting.

New Business:

Parliamentary Procedure Basics – Jeremy Likens, our Rules Chair, gave a powerpoint presentation on the parliamentary process regarding main motions at a meeting. The intent was to give the membership a better understanding of the process in an effort to have more effective meetings. Jeremy fielded questions from the membership throughout the presentation.

DPO Update – The Platform Convention will be held on March 16-18 at North Salem High School. A short SCC meeting would be held on Saturday. Drafts for the platform may be submitted to the DPO Platform Committee for their meeting on February 21st. There are 120 planks in 11 articles. The proposed platform will be finalized on February 24. Contact Chair Tim Rowan with questions.

Attendance of Committee members and Standing Committee members: Dan read the county delegates who had missed three or more consecutive meetings and are automatically removed pending county approval. County chairs will be notified about the importance of delegate attendance. It was also pointed out that county guidelines may be different than CD1’s, and we may need to rewrite our bylaws so they are not in conflict with county bylaws.

County Reports
Clatsop – Three of the five County Commissioner seats are up; no one has filed yet, but two Democrats have announced their intent. Debra Boone’s HD 32 seat is open due to her retirement, and Tim Josie of Tillamook is the only candidate who has filed for this position. In order to win, the candidate must carry Clatsop County. Regarding Ballot Measure 101, the ballot count so far for Clatsop County is at 28%. “Yes on 101” campaign presence in Clatsop County has been very, very low.

Columbia – Messaging & Outreach Subcommittee reported a lack of diversity in the county’s Democratic Party (mostly white and older members). The committee has drafted a letter to send to minority-owned businesses to inform them of who we are. Any ideas for effective messaging are welcome. Regarding County Commissioner elections, there is one position open and one Democrat may be running for this position.

Multnomah – Regarding Measure 101, there have been over 20,000 flyers passed out, but there is still concern for it passing. We are developing Candidate Forums for House District 38 and Senate District 19 at this time. As far as the Censi Celebration Fundraiser on March 10th, we hope to have Maxine Waters as the keynote speaker, and all are invited. The county party is in the process of revising their bylaws and hope to vote on these in March. We are also looking at local messaging/branding of the Democratic Party so people see us in a different light than the DNC. Senate District 24 has two Democratic challengers–one representing the immigrant community and the other representing the feminist community.

Washington – Our first county platform is being developed and there are bylaw changes in the works. At the next meeting there will be an election of delegates and alternates to fill a few positions. Some changes in leadership include new committee chairs – Dan will be the new Rules Chair, and there is a new Community Outreach chair and Communications chair. Specific to Beaverton, there has been increased activism with regards to Black Lives Matter and anti-homelessness. There is still lots of tension between progressives and establishment….the county chair is being recalled for breaking bylaws. Rebranding is also going on. A “Black Lives Matter” resolution is being brought to the City Council. Beaverton is also considering an ordinance to ban car camping and public comment is still being accepted. There is a need for a homeless shelter as Beaverton has the highest rate of homeless students in the state. Washington’s County Platform Convention will be held on January 27th and everyone is welcome to attend.

Yamhill – encompasses several house districts; HD 23 is currently held by an ultra-conservative, Mike Nearman, but we have a Democratic challenger, Danny Jaffers, who will be running against him. A more moderate Republican holds the seat in HD 24, and no one is running against him so far. Two County Commissioner seats are up, and we have one person running so far who appears to be a very strong candidate. So far for the Measure 101 race, there have been 29% Democratic votes cast; 28% Republicans, and 11% Non-Affiliated. Regarding the local party, we have the Platform & Resolutions Committee going, and Liz was voted as Chair. We also held a Measure 101 Information Session at our Community Center, and we will have a PCP filing day for all those interested in becoming elected PCPs. There will also be a Candidates’ Forum this Monday night for anyone interest in running for office now or in the future, and our only county Democratic Representative, David Gomberg, will be present.

Standing Committee Reports – none.

Next meeting – will be held in Columbia County. Regarding a date, it was moved and seconded to hold the meeting on the 10th of March. After some discussion, there was a “call for question,” but this failed. Further discussion then led to a proposal of a doodle poll in order for members to have time to look at their calendars. The motion to have the meeting on March 10th failed, and it was then moved and seconded to hold a doodle poll but to extend the poll to include April. This motion passed.

Good of the Order
Remember to fill out Form SEL 105 to run for an elected PCP position.

Oregon Innocence Project to hold a meeting this Thursday, January 25th at 6pm, Lincoln Hall, PSU.
One of the first black prosecutors will speak about the importance of good prosecutors. Tickets are still

Regarding the importance of supporting unions and collective bargaining, Washington County has a
position open with two candidates running; one is pro-union and the other is a union buster.

The Federal Supreme Court will hear a case regarding labor laws requiring non-union members of public employee unions to pay dues.

Val Hoyle will be running for Labor Commissioner to replace Brad Avakian, who is retiring.

Some areas of Puerto Rico are still without electricity and have little to no cell phone service or regular ferry service. Also, some areas of California have suffered tremendously from losses due to fires, as well as flooding emergencies in Florida and Louisiana. All of these areas are in need of emergency funds; yet, the current Republican budget will be cutting the funding for emergency relief.

CD1 voted to revise our bylaws a year ago, yet nothing has been done. It was moved and seconded to have our Rules Committee bring bylaw revisions to an upcoming meeting. Motion passed.

It was requested to have Congresswoman Bonamici or a staffer come to our meetings in the future. Two staffers responded to the letter of request that we submitted.

Congressman Blumenhauer (CD3) was asked to support a large teach-in on the new tax laws. It was
moved and seconded to have Congresswoman Bonamici and CD1 work with CD3 to put together a
teach-in regarding the tax debacle in the future. The motion passed.

A Federal Ocean Energy Management meeting will be held in Salem on Tuesday, February 6th from
3-7pm at the Red Lion to protect our coastline from drilling. Congresswoman Bonamici hopes for a
large turnout. Spread the word.

Regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ new rulings on cannabis, Suzanne Bonamici is in support of
“States Rights” to protect Oregon’s cannabis dispensaries.

The meeting adjourned at 4:20.