Click here to view the CD1 bylaws.

Special Rules of Order

Click here to view the Special Rules of Order for CD1.

CD1 Officers

Chair: Dan Jensen

Vice Chair: Tara Patterson

Secretary: Liz Marlia-Stein

Treasurer: Keith Haxton

Standing Committees


Shabba Woodley, Chair

Bill Bordeaux

Doug Thompson, Alternate


Sandra Jafarzadeh, Chair

Heather Mull

Vacancy, Alternate

Platform & Resolutions:

Gerritt Rosenthal, Chair

Will Hobbs

Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh

Lisa Stiller

Jo Six

Steve Hall, 1st Alternate

Farrah Chaichi, 2nd Alternate


Jeremy Likens, Chair

Cindy Smith

Larry Taylor

Donna Nyberg, 1st Alternate

Keith Haxton, 2nd Alternate

Local Events and State Fair:

Terrie Preeg Riggsby, Co-Chair

Ian Barrett, Co-Chair

Bill Blank

Jolene Guptill

Ginny Carlson

Vacancy, Alternate

Vacancy, Alternate