1st CD Minutes for April 30, 2017 – Approved

Kozy Korner Restaurant, St. Helens

In Attendance

Clatsop: Nancy Holmes, Larry Taylor, Dannell Davis & Doug Thompson

Columbia: Donna Nyberg, Jolene Jonas, Patricia Ayerza, Giny Carlson, Bill Blank, Bill Sulser, &

Gary Buknum

Multnomah: Cindy Smith, JJ Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Bill Harris & Terri Preeg Riggsby

Washington: Jo Six, Sorah Dubitsky, Farrah Chaichi, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Shabba Woodley,

Will Hobbs, Jeremy Likens, Steve Hall, Steve Bintliff, Keith Haxton, Elaine Werner, Lisa Stiller,

Jolene Guptill, Dan Jensen, Ian Barrett, Gerritt Rosenthal & Sal Castenada.

Yamhill: Bill Bordeaux, Tara Patterson Sandy Coates, Stephanie Findley & Liz Marlia-Stein


Chair, Dan Jensen, called the meeting to order at 1:05pm.

Approval of the Agenda

It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved.


Voting Procedure for Election of Standing Committee Members

Dan addressed the two options that were proposed for voting for standing committees and asked for discussion.

  • Option 2: An amendment was made and seconded to change the order of committees before voting. After discussion, a vote was taken. Yes (8); No (11). The amendment did not carry.
  • Option 1: Several members spoke in favor of this option.
  • Vote: Option 1 (16); Option 2 (5). Option 1 was approved.



Election of Standing Committee Members

  • Jo 6 and Steve Bintliff volunteered to record the candidates’ names for each committee on the flip charts.
  • Jeremy Likens announced the color of stickers used for voting. Green – CD1 delegates; Orange – SCC delegates; Pink – Officers or Committee Members who are not delegates.
  • Dan asked all candidates to introduce themselves and indicate their county.
  • Jolene Jonas, Bill Harris and Sorah Dubitsky volunteered to count the ballots.




While the votes were being counted, the following announcements were made:

  • Jeremy passed out a voluntary exit survey for all to fill out and return to him before leaving.
  • Lucinda explained why our justice system is broken, favoring those who have money to defend themselves. She said that the Innocence Commission needs to go in the direction of South Africa which has an independent body making decisions and does not depend on money.
  • Scott Mills from Marion County and Vice-Chair of CD5 spoke about the importance of early returns of ballots during each election cycle. He pointed out that the Democratic Party has active, passionate members who are hurting our election results by withholding their ballots until the final day of the election and stated that when he checked with his county clerk’s office regarding the number of late returns that were ineligible to be counted, he was told there were about 800 ballots and they were primarily from Democrats. Scott emphasized that the Democratic Party is being outspent by opponents with “big money.” He commented that we need to depend on a grassroots campaign and support candidates throughout the election process by voting early. He also noted the importance of encouraging candidates to run and the difficulty it will be due to the Republican Party targeting “defined-benefits plans” (employer-sponsored retirement plans) Suggestions by members to help with this effort of early voting included: Neighborhood Leader Program, PCP’s, and mass email blasts.


Approval of Minutes from December 3, 2016 and February 25, 2017

A correction was made by Patricia Ayerza that the February minutes excluded the attendance of Donna Nyberg, Chair, Bill Sulser, and herself. Liz noted that she would make this change. Both sets of minutes were then unanimously approved.


Old Business

  • Tara introduced a resolution for Single Payer Health Care. She mentioned that 51 Democratic members of Congress are in support of the Single Payer movement including, Suzanne Bonamici, Peter DeFazio, and Earl Blumenauer; yet she feels that Representative Bonamici needs to become a more active advocate now that HCAO (Health Care for All Oregon) is gaining momentum. There was discussion to have all county parties and congressional districts approve the resolution and to add a statement to have the DPO leadership send the resolution to legislators. Will Hobbs and Gerritt Rosenthal worked on the final wording: THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: We authorize leadership of the First Oregon Congressional District Committee and the Democratic Party of Oregon to communicate this resolution to our state and federal legislators, and urge the Democratic Party of Oregon to support its platform plank on this issue.  After this was introduced, as well as a slight change in semantics regarding the formal name of our congressional district, First Oregon Congressional District Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon, it was approved to “suspend the rules” to vote immediately on the resolution with the added amendments. Approval: M/S/P.


Final Vote for Standing Committees (in order of highest to lowest votes received)

  • Budget Committee (2): Shabba Woodley (Chair) and Bill Bordeaux; Alternates: Doug Thompson and Louise Currin.
  • Platform & Resolutions Committee (5): Will Hobbs (Vice-Chair), Gerritt Rosenthal (Chair), Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh, Jo Six and Lisa Stiller; Alternates: Steve Hall and Farrah Chaichi.
  • Credentials Committee (2): Steve Bintliff (Chair) and Sandra Jafarzadeh; Alternate: Nancy Thompson.
  • Rules Committee (3): Larry Taylor, Cindy Smith, and Jeremy Likens (Chair); Alternates: Donna Nyberg and Keith Haxton.
  • State Fair & Events Committee (5): Bill Blank and Jolene Guptill.

Dan then asked for volunteers to complete this committee. After Liz Marlia-Stein explained the duties of this committee, Sal Castenada, Terri Preeg Riggsby (Co-Chair), Giny Carlson and alternate Ian Barrett (Co-Chair) agreed to serve. Approval of new members: M/S/P


New Business

  • Dan announced that the Executive Board met via conference call and voted to approve our CD1’s involvement in phone banking and a voter registration drive for upcoming elections.


  • County Reports


Columbia – Indivisible’s Resist Movement in the county has been very active. The Columbia County Dems connect with “Progressive” groups like them.

Multnomah – Annual fundraiser/dinner in honor of Dick Celsi to take place on May 13 at Eagle Lodge in North Portland. Keynote Speaker will be Les Aucoin, CD1’s first ever Democratic Congressman.

Washington – Housing affordability and rent control are critical issues, as are proposed statewide budget cuts; increased involvement of Young Democrats; recently approved resolutions in support of abolishing no-cause evictions, allowing the State Assembly to approve increases in revenues with a simple majority, and the Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act (TRUMP Act); creation of new communications platform “Values in Action” for announcing current action items; big push to elect “progressives” in local elections this May.

Yamhill – New Chair–Stephanie Findley; nine new PCPs; new CD1 delegate–Sandy Coates; had Democratic candidates come to speak at our April meeting; May meeting will feature Mike Huntington from Benton County’s HCAO group to speak about Single-Payer Health Care; YCD website is being revamped to be more user friendly; received $15,000 memorial donation from Frank Nelson.

  • Discussion about Dennis Richardson’s Independent Committee on Redistricting centered around the algorithm that was introduced…the same algorithm used to benefit the Republicans during the redistricting in 2010. Dan asked members to bring any suggestions to him regarding the issue of the Independent Committee.




  • New Resolutions


Steve Hall introduced a resolution to require presidential candidates to release previous five years of tax returns before his/her name could be placed on the Oregon ballot. The rules were suspended to allow a vote; it was moved and seconded. Steve then read the resolution, and after minor discussion, the motion passed unanimously.


Jo 6 asked for the rules to be suspended to introduce a resolution for the DPO Executive Committee to appoint Larry Taylor as DPO Treasurer. Larry thanked the membership for this resolution and our faith in him and spoke about his experience and interest in this position. Approval of Resolution: M/S/P.


  • Dan announced that our meetings should be open for any interested Democrat living in the district to attend and join in discussions.
  • Update on CD1 Website – will have current announcements; DPO changing their website; need for a Spanish version.
  • Discussion on Social Media – Use “Slack” to organize all communication by keeping “threads” together; needs to be more navigable. Dan suggested that there be more discussion on this topic via email with him before the next meeting.
  • Direct Action – discussion included: the need for our Democratic Party to have a greater presence in order to build goodwill with the public; the importance of good communication and media outreach; the significance of being at county functions and for county parties to set up a Democratic booth at a moment’s notice.
  • Discussion for our meetings to be more frequent included: meeting once in between each quarterly meeting; calling emergency meetings when needed; meeting via conference calls. It was moved and seconded to have bi-monthly meetings in person. After further discussion, the question was called and seconded. The motion carried. It was then moved and seconded to take a “Doodle Poll” to determine the best date for our next meeting. The Doodle Poll was approved with possible dates being June 10, 11, and 17; Yamhill County will be hosting and a site still needs to be determined. (Note: Due to lack of venues in Yamhill County, the next meeting will take place in Clatsop County.)


Other Business

  • Lucinda asked Keith, our treasurer, what bank the DPO used for their accounts. Dan recommended that this be brought before the Platform and Resolutions Committee to draft a resolution.
  • Patricia Ayerza spoke about the issue of Sanctuary Cities. Gerritt mentioned that Washington County developed a resolution regarding this and it should be shared with other central committees.
  • Lucinda also stressed the importance of our being good allies and stand by our platform by going face-to-face with our legislators.
  • Our bylaws need to be updated.
  • Importance of networking between counties.
  • Clarification on rules regarding CD1’s delegate to the State Central Committee. According to our bylaws, the CD1 Chair is our delegate.


The meeting adjourned at 4pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Liz Marlia-Stein, Secretary